Lost In Space: The Starfield Ship Bug That Sends Players Soaring

Imagine a world far beyond our wildest imagination, where humanity has reached breathtaking heights and secured its rightful place amidst the stars, as the mighty United Colonies and the audacious Freestar Collective lock horns in an epic conflict that will reshape the very fabric of this universe. 

This isn’t just any ordinary open-world experience, but an open universe, engage in thrilling firefights, and engaging conversations, and indulge in boundless exploration. Starfield launched on Xbox Series X/S and PC on September 6th.

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The Deal With Starfield

Starfield is an immersive action role-playing video game with the ability to seamlessly transition between first-person and third-person viewpoints at any moment.

Starfield Game

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The game offers open-world and planet exploration. Set within the vast expanse of the Milky Way galaxy, Starfield presents an open world full of adventures.

Explore an intricate tapestry of both fictional and non-fictional planetary systems, allowing players to traverse uncharted territories and uncover the secrets of the cosmos.

However, no game is free from glitches and Starfield is no exception. A user posted a video to the Starfield subreddit, which showed that the player’s character was being launched into space with just the cockpit of his ship and nothing else.

There are other glitches in the game which other users have also pointed out like an infinite money glitch.

Bethesda And Its Relation With Starfield

The Starfield development has been making quite the buzz in the gaming industry, leaving fans and critics alike eagerly anticipating its release.

As for its developer, Bethesda Game Studios, they are already known for making many critically acclaimed games, such as The Elder Scrolls and Fallout series.

Bethesda Game Studios has become synonymous with immersive open-world environments, captivating storytelling, and an open-world experience that created a standard in its own right.

With each release, the studio has continuously pushed the boundaries of what is possible in gaming, capturing the hearts of millions of gamers worldwide.

Given Bethesda’s track record, it’s no surprise that the announcement of Starfield has sparked immense excitement among enthusiasts, as they anticipate yet another captivating and immersive experience from this beloved developer.

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The Bug That “Flew” Away

Reddit user denubtheredditor recalls as he initiated the launching sequence for their ship. However, just before liftoff, decided to fine-tune a few key elements, while the ship’s user interface displayed the normal readings across all systems and the engines.

Denubtheredditor was taken back when only the cockpit detached leaving the ship behind and ascended into orbit during takeoff. It appeared as if a tap of the eject button had occurred. 

In the clip, denubtheredditor’s attempt to lift the ship led to the cockpit getting disattached. What exactly happened and what has led to this bizarre incident? Curiosity piled up and readers dived into the comments section.

The user, dieser, gives us a picture of the experience of how it feels to be trapped in a situation like that, unable to maneuver in any direction, although the cockpit was impervious to damage, as the enemy ship relentlessly attacked but there was no damage.

The Starfield Ship Bug

Image Credit-reddit.com/r/Starfield

Denubtheredditor discovers the ability to activate boost and unleash a barrage of firepower. However, the sound of firepower is there without any actual effect.

According to kieranjames2, this bug not only hinders movement but completely freezes your movement, unable to budge due to the thrusters being firmly grounded. In such a situation, having some fast travel points would be the only option for getting out.

Bethesda hasn’t issued a response in the wake of these glitches, but users are coming up with their own way of explaining what exactly is causing the problems.

Squashing The Bug

Fortunately, there is a relatively easy solution to this issue. According to both Gamingwildman and Godlovescanada, the solution is simply closing and restarting the game.

On the other hand, iziama794 offers an interesting theory explaining the cause of this bug. They suggest that it occurs after modifying your ship, as Starfield fails to fully remove the previous components.

Starfield Ship Bug

Image Credit- Techraptor.net

To rectify this, iziama794 recommends setting a new ship as your home base and then reverting to the old one. So, for all those adventurous players delving into Starfield’s ship customization feature, it is crucial to exercise caution and save your progress frequently.

Otherwise, you might find yourself helplessly stranded in space, just like an unlucky satellite. Lastly, it would be wise to steer clear of overloading your ship with potatoes – a precautionary measure, of course.

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