3 Ways To Figure Out This Person Tries To Unlock iPhone: Stay Safe!

iPhone is especially used by people who stress out the most for privacy and security. Everyone likes to unlock others’ phones and peed all their messages, calls, and all other data. So, do you know how to catch someone trying to unlock your iPhone?

As per the reports of Statista, as of the third quarter of 2022 iPhone has 51.9 million sales. The major users of the iPhone are especially those who worry more about their data like creators, business mans, and developers.

iPhone stresses out more on security so it is very difficult for a hacker to hack it. So, it is found that hackers, instead of hacking it with coding, try to unlock the phone and then access the data. So, sometimes you may face the issue of someone tries to unlock iphone.

In this article, I have shared with you the way to get the whole statistics of your iPhone if your phone was unlocked. In add-on to it, I have also given you some precautions before and after your phone has been unlocked by someone whom you don’t know.

So, let’s get started.

What Can A User Do To Figure Out The Person Unlocking The iPhone?

You might be wondering iPhone has tight security and how would someone tries to unlock iPhone. There are different things that the person can do. Firstly, the person will try to check your data in all other accounts.

Like in social media accounts, the app lock is familiar to the screen lock so the person might try to hack the app and get your iPhone passcode.

If the stranger passes in getting your phone physically just by fooling you then it becomes quite easier to unlock the iPhone.

The last thing the person can do is collect all your personal and confidential information and connect to customer service and try to get your iPhone’s password.

3 Apps To Install To FigureOut The Person Who Tried To Unlock Your iPhone

All the apps that I am going to share with you do not directly figure out the person who tried to unlock your iPhone. These apps check some conditions that might be a process of unlocking iPhones without the permission of users and show how to catch someone trying to unlock your iPhone.

Below is the table and the link for the apps that will help you.

1Security Alarm- Anti TheftClick Here
2WTMP Who Touched My Phone PROClick Here
3Best Phone SecurityClick Here

1. Security Alarm – AntiTheft

Use the Security Alarm app if someone tries to unlock iphone.

This app is an iPhone-designed app in the year 2019. You might find this old but it really works well when installed on the phone. You can install it from the app store by just searching the name and I am sure that you will not find difficulty in using it.

This app has many features to protect your iPhone from robbers. The main features are Motion Alarm Mode, Pocket mode, headset mode, power mode, intruder selfies, and face id support.

The “Motion Mode” will protect your phone by feeling the different physical activities on the phone. The different modes will protect your iPhone in different situations. 

The important feature is “Intruder selfies” will capture a photo of the person who tried to unlock your iPhone and was unable to do it.

This app will not only just take a snap of the stranger but also give you the perfect time and data which will help you identify the stranger easily with minimal effort.

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2. WTMP Who Touched My Phone PRO

Install WTMP Who Touched My Phone PRO app if someone tries to unlock iphone.

Who Touched My Phone PRO is an outstanding app that focuses on and provides features only if someone touches your iPhone. This app is an alternative to the first one, the only thing is that it focuses on even touching the phone.

The interface of this app is very loveable and you can just the protection to your iPhone in just one click after giving all the permissions to the app. When you will read about this app in the app store there will not be more information shared about the app.

This is because the developer wants to know it from the user. This app also provides useful articles to protect your iPhone and be protected from strangers and hackers. And the snap of the stranger is directly emailed instead of saved on the iPhone.

3. Best Phone Security

Install the Best Phone Security app if someone tries to unlock iphone.

Best Phone Security is the latest security app developed for iPhone. This is all in one app for your iPhone’s security and can be easily used as an alternative to paid security apps available on the Apps store.

There are various modes available to protect your phone in all situations. This app allows you to set your own emergency alarm.

The most different and unique feature that I like about this app is it takes a selfie of the intruder with the exact location.

The alarm is not only triggered when any activity is then while operating the iPhone but also when your phone is in motion that is not recognizable. 

Use Built-in Feature To Figure Out Which Person Tries To Unlock Your iPhone

The apps really work out well if they are installed on your iPhone. What if you do not have the apps installed and you think that your phone was viewed by someone else? Then in this case you can see your phone’s usage statistics.

Usage statistics give your phone’s complete usage information, such as when was the phone locked and unlocked, when all apps were opened, incoming and outgoing calls, and many more at the perfect time.

For this, you can even see the “Digital Wellbeing” tool on the settings or dial a code for usage statistics in the phone dialer as per your model of the iPhone. You can easily get the dialer code by searching it on the internet with your iPhone’s model.

When you enter the code, you will find on your screen three options under the “Testing” window. “Phone information” is just all the other minor settings of your phone. The second option is what you need that is “Usage Statistics”

Before checking it, make sure that you are aware of all the usage you have done on your phone. 

If you see any other user or other hidden apps usage on your phone that you don’t identify then you can consider that your phone had been unlocked by someone.

5 Best Tips You Should Try In Order To Protect Your iPhone From People

iPhone has security layers and you are safe until you do not find any unusual activity with your phone. If you feel that you have downloaded many apps from unknown sources or have given unknown permissions then you must consider following some tips in order to safeguard yourself from jailbreaking and hacking.

1. Downloading And Using Apps

IPhone is very limited to its users when it comes in the case of features when compared to Andoird. Then in order to add some more features to your iPhone you may download apps from different sources.

It is found that the apps you download from the app store are safe but from other sources, they are not. 

Let you download any app, but you must be very careful while using it. Make sure that you do not give any permission like access to phone calls, storage, personal data, etc… to untrusted apps.

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2. Important Phone Settings

There are some phone settings that you do not notice or think them as not important but they may even lead to hacking of your phone. The main setting you must disable is on the lock screen.

In simpler terms, disable all notifications, the opening of the control center, and access Siri on the lock screen.

3. Location Data

Different apps and services access all your location data which can be even misused. So, you must consider disabling them. 

The first thing you must do is remove all the location data from your photos and videos, do not give access to your location to any website or apps, and keep your location option disabled.

4. Passwords

Passwords are the key to all your data and accounts. You must always keep your password strong with the use of special characters and lengths of more than 10 characters. 

And always keep different passwords for different email and social media accounts.

5. Find My Phone App

Hackers can still somehow hack your iPhone in rare cases so to be on the safe side make sure you have the Find My iPhone app installed as well as enabled. 

So don’t forget to connect your phone to your Mac so that you can still access it even if you don’t have your iPhone with you.

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Wrap Up On Someone Tries To Unlock iPhone

iPhones cannot be unlocked or hacked very easily, it needs a high level of hacking. So, if you care about your security as your top-most priority then consider moving to iOS from android.

You can even protect your iPhone even after it is unlocked by a stranger by just keeping locks on every important and confidential app.

Passwords play an important role so always keep an alphanumeric password on all your accounts.

I hope you found every part of this post helpful and if you have any questions or face issues related to someone tries to unlock iPhone then kindly consider dropping a comment below and we will reply to you shortly.

FAQ: Someone Tries To Unlock iPhone

While researching this topic on the internet, I found that people are finding many difficulties in this process. However, this process will be easier after you understand and for your comfort, I have cleared a few questions which you might face.

Q1. Is it possible to know when was my phone unlocked for the whole day?

Ans: Yes, there are many ways to know all your unlocks of the phone. You can consider using the digital well-being tool, screen time, or getting the usage statistics. All these work quite fine and will not only give you unlocks but all other information related to your iPhone.

Q2. What happens if a user forgets their lock-screen password?

Ans: In case you have forgotten your lock screen password then there might be some recovery options that can help you out, but still if it does not work then consider erasing all of your phone data using the computer or the phone itself.

Q3. Does Apple charge if I unlock my device from iPhone support?

Ans: This is another working option that you can try to unlock your iPhone in case you have forgotten your password. And Apple even does not charge for this if you provide all the information correctly and then the phone is legit yours.

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