How To Change Instagram Password Without Old Password For iPhone & Android

Instagram is one of the great platforms which is greatly customized and made more appealing for users to share their photos and videos. It helps to keep you up to date with all your favorite celebrities, politicians, athletes, and many more.

According to the reports of Statista, Instagram has global users of about 48.4% Males and 51.6% Females latest by February 8, 2022. Therefore, the users will reach nearly 1.2 billion Instagram users worldwide in 2023.

This shows a majority of users are switching to Instagram. There might be many users who also have forgotten their Instagram password and are looking for how to change Instagram password without old password.

If you are facing the same issue. Then don’t worry you are at the right place. Meanwhile, with the help of just a few steps, you can easily know all about the process to do the same.

Why You Should Regularly Update Your Instagram Password

With time, Instagram today has become one of the most social networking sites in the world. For this reason, Instagram is also being a popular place to hack or steal data from hackers.

For this issue, a user on Instagram must change or update a password. This makes your Instagram account safe and secure. Therefore, if you have good followers on Instagram. 

You may suffer a huge loss if you do some kind of business. So, you need to change your password after some time.

How to change Instagram password without old password For iPhone and Android: 8 Easy Steps

Changing your Instagram password is very simple but most people don’t know how to do it. The process which is told here is quite similar for both iPhone and Android users. Hence, you will know how to change Instagram password without an old password by following the steps which are described below.

1. Open your Instagram Application

First, you need to open the Instagram application downloaded from Playstore. All things will be done with the help of this application only and you don’t require any medium to do so.

2. log in to your Instagram Account

Once you open Instagram, just sign up for your account by entering your phone number, email address, username or Facebook. 

Then below you need to enter the password with which you created your account. However, This is not required if you already logged in to your account.

3. Click on the Profile Icon on your Instagram Account

After when you logged in to your Instagram account. Now once you’re at the Instagram homepage. You need to Tap on your profile icon displayed on the bottom right side at the corner of the screen.

4. Tap on three horizontal Lines on your Instagram Profile

Now, you will reach the main view of your profile. From here at the Top in the right corner, you need to tap on three horizontal lines on Instagram. From here only you will do all the main settings of your account.

Click on three horizontal Lines on your Instagram Profile to change Instagram password without old password

5. Click on the settings to go security option

By tapping on three horizontal lines, a menu will appear showing various settings. From here, tap on settings showing at the top of your screen.  

Click on the settings option to change Instagram password without old password

From here only you need to tap on the security option and you have to do the main setting to change your password.

Tap on the security option to change Instagram password without old password

6. Tap on forget password on Instagram

From security, you need to tap on the password. Now, you don’t have to fill in anything more here. So, Just tap on the forget password. Instagram will send a link to your registered email address to reset your password.

Click on the Password option to change Instagram password without old password

7. Open the mail sent by the Instagram

Now, open to email and check the mail from Instagram. You will find a mail sent with a reset password link has been sent. Just tap on it to do the further process by which you will be directed to the process to change the password.

Select reset your password option to change Instagram password without old password

8. Create your password to log in to instagram

Finally, you are about to change your password for your Instagram account. Now it will ask you to enter a new password and Confirm it. 

Create your password to change Instagram password without old password

After this, you will be directed to your Instagram account. Once you do all this you can log in to your Instagram account with a newly created password.

Can I Change My Instagram Password From My Facebook Account

Yes, it is pretty simple to change your Instagram password from using your Facebook account

But, make sure that you connect your Instagram account with your Facebook account. Without this, you will not be able to do the further process.

However, You can easily do it with just a few clicks. For this you need to visit your Instagram profile>three horizontal lines>settings>security>password>reset it using Facebook. Finally, make a password and confirm to log in again when you sign in later.

How should I Protect My Instagram Account From being hacked?

Incredibly, you will find various types of users using Instagram such as celebrities, brands, Teenagers, influencers, common people, etc. 

Many times you might hear that many people’s accounts are hacked. However, for this reason, a user must assure to have proper security to not be a victim of hackers.

In the meantime, here are some tips to keep your account safe and secure

  • Always make a strong password
  • Turn on two-factor authentication.
  • Confirm your phone number and email address are not available on other devices.
  • Remove any suspicious accounts linked to yours in the account center.
  • Revoke access to any suspicious third-party apps.

Is there any shortcut on how to Change Instagram Password Without Old Password

Yes, there is a shortcut method that is similar to the method told above in this article. 

But, another process that I will talk about here will be somewhat a little different. For this, you don’t need to sign in to change your Instagram password.

To do these changes open Instagram>Switch accounts>get help with logging in>Next after entering username/email address/phone number>send an email/send an SMS message/log in with Facebook. However, verification will be done and then you will be able to change your password.

Wrap Up on How to Change Instagram Password without Old Password

The information which we shared here has all been provided after doing practically. More than that we have shared various information which will help you in using your Instagram account much more beneficial for you.

Therefore, Most people tend to share their talent or promote business. It depends on you how you use Instagram to get an advantage or destroy your time just by scrolling posts, and videos, or watching stories all day.

This way we will be posting more helpful articles. If you have any kind of problem regarding the article. Please comment below in the comment section of this article. 

FAQ: How to change Instagram password without old password

Most users often drop their doubts on google to know about the answers arising in their minds. However, we have better tried to select some important questions and also tried to answer all of them in our FAQ section.

Q1. How do you start an Instagram post for beginners?

Ans: As a beginner, it often becomes difficult to manage things on Instagram. To post, you need to tap on the + icon available at the top just right to your user name. Select the material from your gallery and upload it on Instagram.

Q2. Why do people prefer Instagram from Facebook?

Ans: Nowadays, People generally prefer to use Instagram as many of the things have been improved in Instagram. It has popular filters, a user-friendly interface, advanced settings and many have shifted to it which makes it a better platform.

Q3. How to use Instagram for personal use?

Ans: Instagram is all in one place to manage your profile. Here, it also provides the option to make your account public or private. For personal use, you can choose to private your account. However, only the users you approve requests will be able to see your profile.

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