Best 15 Free English Speaking Course With Certificate: Learn English Now!

English has become a must for success in both personal and professional settings. Whether you want to succeed in your job or simply widen your horizons, learning English gives you a world of possibilities.

As per the reports of Linkedin, the English Language Learning market size globally was valued at around 55 thousand dollars in 2022. Hence you can understand the importance of English and it is necessary for those who want to learn to know the best free English speaking course with certificate.

In this article, we will share with you the top 15 English-speaking courses which are free and will also provide you a certificate. Also, we will let you know the other ways to learn spoken English in order to master in English language.

So, let’s get started.

Understanding The Importance of English Proficiency

English literacy is essential in today’s globalized world, going beyond simple language ability to serve as a spark for both career and personal development. 

An ability to communicate effectively in English promotes cooperation and understanding in academic and business settings by bridging cultural and geographical divides. 

Fluency in English is crucial for businesses to interact with customers throughout the world, close agreements, and access foreign markets. Within the academic community, it provides researchers with an abundance of data, instructional materials, and worldwide cooperation opportunities. 

Additionally, being proficient in English helps people from diverse backgrounds interact and break down barriers by promoting cultural interchange, empathy, and mutual understanding.

Thus, learning English is more than simply learning the language; it’s also about opening doors, experiencing life to the fullest, and accepting how interrelated everything is in today’s globe.

Top 15 Free English Speaking Course With Certificate

Selecting the appropriate course is the first step in starting a journey to increase English proficiency. All courses have different focuses and distinctive features to meet a range of learning objectives and tastes.

Sl No.Free CourseVisit Website
1.DuolingoClick Here
2.British CouncilClick Here
3.Future LearnClick Here
4.edXClick Here
5.CourseraClick Here
6.AlisonClick Here
7.OpenLearnClick Here
8.USA LearnsClick Here
9.MemriseClick Here
10.Great LearningClick Here
11.UdemyClick Here
12.Learn With GoogleClick Here
13.BusuuClick Here
14.BBC LearningClick Here
15.Leverage LiveClick Here

1. Duolingo

Duolingo for free english speaking course with certificate

The well-known language learning website Duolingo has a fantastic free English-speaking course. Learning is made interesting and efficient by its interactive modules, which include speaking, listening, and understanding tasks. 

After completing the course, learners get a certificate exhibiting their English capability. Anybody hoping to improve their English talking abilities will find Duolingo an ideal decision because of its easy-to-understand interface and customized opportunity for growth.

2. British Council

British Council for free english speaking course with certificate

Prominent for encouraging English language skills around the world, the British Council provides an excellent free English-speaking course. The course, which is designed by language specialists, focuses on vocabulary, grammar, and real-world conversational skills. 

Learners gain from professional advice, video resources, and interactive exercises. A British Council certificate, which is accepted all around the world, attests to their language competency after completion. 

For students looking for a full English language education, the British Council course is highly recommended due to its esteemed certification and respectable curriculum.

3. FutureLearn

FutureLearn for free english speaking course with certificate

FutureLearn provides an excellent online English-speaking course with interactive lessons and useful activities to improve language competence. 

Learners participate in authentic conversations and enhance their pronunciation and fluency by having access to knowledgeable teachers and a lively virtual community. 

Participants get a certificate after finishing, attesting to their proficiency in the language. FutureLearn is a great resource for language learners because of its creative methodology and reliable accreditation.

4. edX

edX for free english speaking course with certificate

Students may get top-notch education from major colleges throughout the globe with edX. Through interactive instruction and multimedia materials, participants improve their comprehension, speaking, and listening abilities. 

After finishing, students get a certificate that attests to their English competence and is accepted by organizations and companies all over the world. For individuals looking for a challenging and fulfilling language learning experience, this course is perfect because of edX’s renowned professors and extensive curriculum.

5. Coursera

Coursera for free english speaking course with certificate

With interactive modules and expert-led instruction, Coursera provides a comprehensive online course in English. A wide range of subjects, including as grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation, are beneficial to learners. 

Peer evaluations and practical applications help individuals improve their communication abilities. After finishing, students can improve their educational and employment possibilities by obtaining a Coursera certificate that attests to their English competence. 

This course is a great option for anybody looking to become an English language expert because of Coursera’s reliable platform and demanding curriculum.

6. Alison

Alison for free english speaking course with certificate

Alison provides a comprehensive, free English-speaking course with interactive lessons and real-world tasks to help students get better at the language. Learners acquire confidence in authentic communication situations by emphasizing conversational fluency and pronunciation. 

Participants obtain a certificate at the end, proving that they are proficient in English. Alison is a great option for anybody looking to improve their English-speaking skills because of its adaptable learning environment and widely accepted certification.

7. OpenLearn

OpenLearn for free english speaking course with certificate

Students may enhance their speaking and listening abilities by participating in real-world settings and practical activities on OpenLearn. By use of interactive modules and multimedia tools, learners improve their pronunciation and vocabulary. 

A certificate from The Open University attests to their English competence after completion. For those who are keen to improve their English communication skills, this course is a great option because of OpenLearn’s user-friendly interface and reliable certification.

8. USA Learns

USA Learns for free english speaking course with certificate

For students of all skill levels, USA Learns provides an engaging, free English-speaking course. Through engaging activities and interactive training, participants gain critical speaking and listening abilities. 

A wide range of subjects are covered in the course, including corporate communication and casual interactions. 

After finishing, students get a certificate attesting to their English language skills. For those looking to get better at speaking English, USA Learns is a great option because of its extensive curriculum and user-friendly layout.

9. Memrise

Memrise for free english speaking course with certificate

Memrise utilizes intuitive exercises and mental aid methodologies to further develop language learning. Learners take part in vivid exercises to work on their conversational abilities and grow their vocabulary. 

To accomplish the best information and maintenance, the course is custom-fitted to every understudy’s singular learning style. Participants get a certificate at the end attesting to their skill in English. 

Memrise is a great option for anybody looking for an interesting way to learn a language because of its innovative methodology and customized learning.

10. Great Learning

Great Learning for free english speaking course with certificate

Through their engaging modules and expert-led training, students gain confidence and proficiency in spoken English. The course teaches basic grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation, as well as real-world examples for application. 

Participants are given a certificate at the end to demonstrate their English ability. Great Learning is the greatest alternative for anybody wishing to become competent in spoken English because of its dependable platform and well-organized curriculum.

11. Udemy

Udemy for free english speaking course with certificate

A wide variety of free English-speaking courses taught by professionals in the field are available on Udemy. A variety of courses catered to varying skill levels and learning preferences are available for participants to select from. 

Through captivating video lectures, interactive tests, and useful projects, students improve their speaking and understanding abilities. After students finish, Udemy offers a certificate attesting to their English language skills, which strengthens their resumes for future employment or education.

12. Learn With Google

Learn With Google for free english speaking course with certificate

A free English-speaking course offered by Learn With Google aims to enhance communication abilities in both personal and professional settings. 

Learners improve their speaking confidence and fluency by using a mix of interactive courses, practice questions, and real-world situations. After finishing successfully, participants get a certificate attesting to their English competence that is accepted by businesses all around the world. 

Study with its user-friendly interface and useful curriculum, Google is a great tool for anybody trying to improve their English speaking skills.

13. Busuu

Busuu for free english speaking course with certificate

Through real-world discussions and cultural insights, students improve their fluency and comprehension of other cultures on Busuu. The course covers s grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation, as well as reasonable applications from regular daily existence. 

After completion, members get a certificate confirming their English capability, which is perceived by associations and organizations from one side of the planet to the other. Learning English is made simple and fun with Busuu’s broad educational plan and easy-to-use interface.

14. BBC Learning

BBC Learning for free english speaking course with certificate

The authentic English discussions, news articles, and interactive activities offered here are beneficial to learners. The course is proper for all capacity levels and covers a great many subjects, including sentence structure, vocabulary, and pronunciation. 

In the wake of getting done, members get a certificate from the BBC, a worldwide eminent establishment that confirms their capability in English. Learning English is enjoyable and educational thanks to BBC Learning.

15. Leverage Live

Leverage Live for free english speaking course with certificate

A free interactive English-speaking course with live sessions taught by knowledgeable experts is available through Leverage Live. To increase their speaking confidence and fluency, participants participate in role-plays, group discussions, and real-time interactions. 

In order to guarantee thorough language competency, the course covers the necessary grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation techniques. 

After finishing, participants get a certificate attesting to their proficiency in English that is accepted by experts in the field. Learning English becomes a fulfilling and engaging experience with Leverage Live.

Which Are Better Paid Courses Or Free For Learning English?

The argument over whether to take paid or free English classes comes down to personal choices and requirements. Students who want individualized attention and assistance might benefit from paid courses’ comprehensive resources, customized feedback, and organized curricula. 

To improve the learning process, they could provide access to interactive resources, experienced teachers, and immersive environments. On the other hand, free courses provide self-directed learners with accessible alternatives and teach fundamental language skills through interactive activities and multimedia content. 

Free courses can still be useful for gaining expertise even if expensive courses have benefits in terms of depth and assistance, particularly when combined with practice and independent study. In the end, the decision is based on elements like intended results, learning style, and money.

Importance Of A Certificate After Learning English

Getting a certificate for studying English is very valuable in many areas of life. First of all, it provides concrete evidence of language competency, confirming speaking, listening, reading, and writing abilities. 

Because English language certificates are valued and recognized by many businesses globally, this accreditation improves employability. Furthermore, credentials from respectable schools or language testing agencies might open doors to scholarships, academic programs, and further education prospects. 

Additionally, certificates offer students a sense of motivation and accomplishment, which increases self-assurance and promotes continued language growth. 

In the end, a certificate proves a person’s commitment and proficiency in the English language and opens up a world of personal and professional prospects.

Other Ways To Learn Spoken English 

Outside of classroom settings, a number of useful techniques can improve spoken English proficiency. Learners are exposed to actual language usage through immersion activities including viewing English-language films, listening to music or podcasts, and having interactions with native speakers. 

Programs for language exchange, in which students converse with English speakers in return for teaching them their home tongue, offer beneficial conversation practice.

Furthermore, options for self-evaluation and development include speaking in front of a mirror, recording oneself, and joining speaking clubs or meetup groups. 

Lastly, using interactive speaking elements in language learning applications and online platforms may enhance traditional classroom education and promote ongoing practice.

Wrap Up On Free English Speaking Course With Certificate

Free certificated English-speaking classes provide language learners with priceless chances to improve their proficiency and credentials. 

With the help of these easily available and adaptable learning alternatives, people may advance their communication skills at their own speed. A certificate allows students to demonstrate their competence and opens doors to a range of social and career prospects.

I hope you found this comprehensive guide helpful and that you have now chosen a free English-speaking course with a certificate. However, if you have any questions you can ask them in the comments below.

FAQ: Free English Speaking Course With Certificate

It is common that you may still have some queries regarding this topic. So, below we will discuss with you some common questions asked by people on the internet.

Q1. What are the eligibility criteria for joining a free English speaking course?

Ans: Usually, there are no strict criteria to enroll in a free English speaking course. Enrollment is open to anybody looking to get better at speaking English. But certain courses can need for a rudimentary understanding of English.

Q2. Is there any cost associated with obtaining the certificate after completing the course?

Ans: After finishing a free English speaking course, there are usually no fees involved in receiving a certificate. These certificates are part of the course offering and are given as a complimentary way to recognize the learner’s proficiency.

Q3. Are there any specific technical requirements or prerequisites for accessing these courses online?

Ans: Yes, although certain criteria could differ based on the platform, a dependable internet connection, a suitable device, and a working email account are usually sufficient for registration.

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