10+ Crack APK Telegram Channels To Download MOD APK Files

Crack APK Telegram channels have grown in popularity among smartphone users who want to get premium apps and games for free, even though it’s illegal and dishonest to crack and distribute commercial programs.

According to Statista, the app market has been really affected by volatility in the first years after the COVID-19 pandemic. In 2022, consumer spending fell to 167 billion US dollars, following an acceleration in 2021.

And these telegram channels continue to thrive because people want free stuff. Here in this article, we have compiled a list of the 10+ crack APK telegram channels. So, let’s get started.

How To Choose The Best Crack APK Telegram Channels

It’s important to take into account a few crucial criteria while looking for Telegram channels that provide Crack APKs to ensure you’re getting trustworthy and safe content. Look for channels that have a solid reputation in the hacking and modding community first and foremost, since this often indicates a higher degree of dependability.

Pay attention to the frequency and regularity of updates because the most recent Cracked APKs will inevitably be available on channels that are often renewed. It’s also appropriate to comprehend evaluations and complaints from various customers to gauge the caliber of content of the channel.

Lastly, pay attention to channels that discuss security and security protocols to protect viewers from malicious software or programming.

Below is the list of the 10+ crack APK telegram channels and their links.

1Sam Mods / Tech Click Here
2GameDVA.comClick Here
3MODDED-1.COM Click Here
4ApkmasrClick Here
5MOD APPS StockClick Here
7Sanuj ModsClick Here
9ManModzClick Here
10ModForApk.Com – Android Games DownloadClick Here
11Mod APPS Mod GAMESClick Here

10+ Crack APK Telegram Channels: Crack APKs Decoded!

Crack APK Telegram channels have become a well-known hub for users looking to get expensive software and games without having to pay for them. These channels include a wide range of Cracked APKs, which are modified versions of original apps that have been cracked to unlock premium features or remove restrictions. 

1. Sam Mods/Tech

Sam Mods/Tech Telegram Channel is well-known among programming clients and fans of innovation. This channel grants its followers access to a wide range of modified apps, rogue television shows, and other tech-related media.

Sam Mods/Tech is the crack apk telegram channel

Pic Credit – telegram.me

Customers may download updated versions of well-known apps, free premium programs, and reports on the newest trends and news in technology. Sam Mods/Tech Crack Telegram Channel, with its dedicated local fan base, is a valuable resource for anybody looking to explore the world of tech advancements and programming modifications.

This channel ensures to give crucial information and content of the highest standard, whether you aim to become an increasingly astute observer or just stay up to date with the current tech happenings.

Key Highlights

  • Wide Range Of Modified APKs
  • Users Can Report And Flag Faulty APKs
  • News On Current Tech-Related Products
  • The Highest Degree Of Information
  • Friendly Moderators

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2. GameDVA.com

GameDVA.com Telegram Channel is a well-known resource for Cracked APK files, providing users free access to the premium features of many mobile apps and games.

GameDVA.com is the crack apk telegram channel

Pic Credit – telegram.me

Owing to the growing need for cost-free premium apps, platforms such as GameDVA.com have gained traction among enthusiastic mobile gamers and application enthusiasts. This Telegram channel serves as a platform for users to conveniently acquire these corrupted APK files, eliminating the need for pricey subscriptions or in-app purchases.

That being said, it is important to be aware that using and downloading Cracked APK files may violate the terms of service for several apps and games, which might lead to risks like malware or record suspension. 

Key Highlights

  • Free Premium Features
  • Huge Number Of Subscribers
  • Accommodating Mods
  • Spam Users Are Banned Permanently
  • Large International Users


A popular online platform where users may locate a plethora of modified and Cracked Android applications is MODDED-1.COM Telegram Channel. Customers can conveniently access these programs by using this Telegram channel instead of visiting potentially dangerous websites or unreliable sources.

MODDED-1.COM is the crack apk telegram channel

Pic Credit – telegram.me

The channel provides regular updates on the latest APK versions that users might potentially download, along with instructions on how to install them safely. MODDED-1.COM Crack APK Telegram Channel is a trusted resource for Android enthusiasts looking to enhance their mobile engagement in premium elements and open material, thanks to its easy-to-use interface and loyal local client base.

Key Highlights

  • Regular Updates
  • Latest Cracked Versions of Popular Apps
  • Enjoy Without Worrying About Malware Or Viruses
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Tech-savvy Individuals Can Enrich Their Experience

4. Apkmasr

Is it reasonable to assume that you’ve had enough of spending money on premium games and apps? You only need to search the Apkmasr Cracked APK Telegram Channel to find a variety of Cracked and modified versions of well-known apps and games that are for free.

Apkmasr is the crack apk telegram channel

Pic Credit – telegram.me

With in-app purchases and application subscriptions becoming more expensive, this channel provides a clever and practical way to access premium aspects without spending every last penny. It’s easy to join the Channels; just search “Apkmasr Crack APK” on Telegram and start downloading your favorite apps right now. Keep in mind that downloading corrupted software may come with unique risks, so proceed with caution. 

Key Highlights

  • Wide Variety of Apps Available for Download
  • Users can Easily Navigate The Channel
  • Regular Updates
  • Novice Users Can Navigate And Download Apps With Ease
  • Something For Everyone – From Popular Games To Productivity Tools

5. MOD APPS Stock

MOD APPS Stock is a Telegram channel dedicated to cracked APKs. This Telegram Channel gives users access to cracked forms for premium apps.

MOD APPS Stock is the crack apk telegram channel

Pic Credit – telegram. me

These updated apps typically provide premium features at no cost, making them a good option for those users who want to access cutting-edge apps without having to pay a membership fee.

Users may locate and download the necessary programs more easily thanks to the channel’s organization of a determination of these Cracked APKs. However, it’s important to remember that using cracked versions of apps may violate their terms of service and make you question the security of your device.

Key Highlights

  • Wide Range of Modified and Cracked Applications
  • A Diverse Selection of Apps Available, including Premium Versions
  • Frequent Updates and Additions of New Cracked Apps
  • Users always have Access to the Latest and Most In-Demand Software
  • Users can interact with one another and share their Experiences with Different Apps


With the APK MOD CRACK telegram channel, customers can access Cracked and modified versions of premium Android applications via the Telegram Channel platform.

APK MOD CRACK is the crack apk telegram channel

Pic Credit – telegram.me

These modified apps typically come with additional features and highlights that aren’t available in the original versions. Clients may obtain these Cracked APKs for free without having to pay for premium memberships by subscribing to this Telegram channel.

Key Highlights

  • Latest Cracked Apps
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Dedicated Community Of Like-Minded Individuals
  • Advanced Flagging Of Spam APKS
  • APKS Are Free Of Malware

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7. Sanuj Mods

Sanuj Mods, a well-known Telegram Channel, gives users access to several modified programs (APKs) for their Android devices.

Sanuj Mods is the crack apk telegram channel

Pic Credit – telegram.me

These modified apps often come with premium features activated, allowing users to benefit from increased utility without having to pay for pricey in-app purchases or subscriptions. The channel is well-known for providing a wide range of Cracked APKs, including popular games, productivity tools, and distraction apps.

However, it is important to remember that using Cracked APKs might violate the terms of service of some programs and expose users to security risks. As with any platform that offers modified programs, users should exercise caution and be aware of the potential repercussions of using Cracked APKs.

Key Highlights

  • A wide range of modded apps available for download
  • Premium features of popular apps for free
  • Timely updates and reliable download links
  • APKs are checked for malware
  • Helpful Mods


Tech enthusiasts who are looking for a useful way to access premium features of programs without spending all of their money should check out the PAID APK[TMRMJ MODs] Telegram Channel.

PAID APK [TMRMJ MODs] is the crack apk telegram channel

Pic Credit – telegram.me

This Telegram channel allows users to access a curated selection of modified versions of well-known premium programs, allowing them to enjoy all the benefits without having to pay for them. The Cracked APKs that are available on this channel have been updated to unlock premium features, remove adverts, and provide a consistent user experience.

This channel caters specifically to those who want to enhance their application experience without cracking the bank, with frequent updates and an intuitive UI.

Key Highlights

  • Access to a wide variety of premium apps
  • Regular updates on new releases and popular mods
  • Allowing users to stay up-to-date on the latest trends
  • Enhance your mobile gaming experience without cracking the bank.
  • A convenient way to download

9. ManModz

ManModz, a well-known Telegram Channel, gives users access to modified versions of several Android apps. These cracked APKs usually provide additional features or parts that are not available in the initial versions, allowing users to customize their apps and improve their overall user experience.

ManModz is the crack apk telegram channel

Pic Credit – telegram.me

Clients may surely locate and download these modified APKs using a dedicated Telegram channel, in addition to receiving updates on the latest releases and news on customizable program customization.

Key Highlights

  • Regular Updates On The Latest Mods And Hacks
  • Exclusive Access To Customized Themes 
  • Tips And Tricks To Maximize The Functionality
  • Community Of Like-Minded Individuals
  • Users Can Share Their Creations And Collaborate On New Projects

10. ModForApk.Com

A well-known Telegram channel, ModForApk.Com, provides cracked APKs of Android games to players who hunt for free access to premium content. With a large selection of games available for download, users may enjoy popular games without having to pay for in-app purchases or subscriptions.

ModForApk.Com is the crack apk telegram channel

Pic Credit – telegram.me

The channel is often updated with the newest Cracked APKs, giving users the chance to explore new games and experiences without having to spend their last penny. Obtaining premium Android games may be made easier and more affordable with ModForApk.Com.

Whether you’re a casual player seeking some relaxation or an avid player seeking new challenges, join the Telegram channel now to start getting your top games downloaded for free.

Key Highlights

  • Wide Range Of Key Features
  • A Vast Collection Of Popular Android Games
  • Frequent Updates On New Game Releases
  • Detailed Reviews And Recommendations
  • Games Are Safe And Free From Viruses Or Malware

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11. Mod APPS Mod GAMES

Are you trying to find the greatest modified games available for your Android device? Then this Telegram Channel is the only place to look. This channel offers customers the opportunity to enjoy premium features and unlockables without having to pay a thing.

Mod APPS Mod GAMES is the crack apk telegram channel

Pic Credit – telegram.me

It is a gold mine of Cracked APK records for popular games. This channel is the first choice for anybody looking to enhance their gaming experience because it has a dedicated community of players who regularly share their findings and recommendations.

The possibilities are endless, ranging from unbounded resources in technique games to unlocked stages in experience games. Take your gaming to the next level by subscribing to the channel right now.

Key Highlights

  • Extensive Collection Of Modded Games
  • Diverse Selection For Users To Choose From
  • Regularly Updates Its Content
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Mods Handpick The Selection

Wrap Up On Crack APK Telegram Channel

After careful consideration and research, we have concluded that using crack APK Telegram Channels to obtain stolen content isn’t appropriate. These channels allow access to protected content without the original creators’ consent, depriving them of the money they rightfully deserve.

Additionally, downloading games and apps via crack APK Telegram Channels poses a significant security risk. These modified programming versions often include malicious viruses that may be extremely careless with a user’s device and personal information.

We hope this comprehensive guide has helped you find the best crack APK telegram channels. However, taking everything into account, we urge readers to support designers by purchasing actual copies of their work.

FAQ: Crack APK Telegram Channel

Crack APK Telegram Channels have grown in popularity recently among tech-savvy people who want to experiment with new apps and services. Concerns and queries about its use are inevitable like any new technology.

Q1. Is It Legal To Use Crack APK Telegram Channels?

Ans: It’s unclear whether Crack APK Telegram Channels are legal. Even though it’s against the law to crack software and distribute it without permission, a lot of consumers nevertheless opt to visit these channels to find free premium features.

Q2. Is Downloading Files From Crack APK Telegram Channels Safe?

Ans: Utilizing Telegram Channels for Crack APK downloads might put your device at serious risk. These cracked versions can include malware or viruses that jeopardize the security of your device because the original creators haven’t vetted them. To protect your device, it is always advised to download software from approved sources.

Q3. Are There Any Legitimate Substitutes For Crack APK Telegram Channels?

Ans: If you want to access premium services, think about looking into legal options before using Crack APK Telegram Channels. Many software vendors allow customers to lawfully use cheap subscriptions or free trials to access premium features.

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