10 Best Free Apps To Listen to Music Offline On iPhone

Owning your iPhone is a dream come true, but not if you’re a music lover without any idea how to get the right music apps for your iPhone. While recent statistics from MarketSplash show that there are 1.46 billion iPhone users worldwide, EarthWeb statistics also show that 80 percent of people worldwide prefer to get their music through a streaming service. 

The ones in trouble are those who have recently shifted from Android to iPhone. You may face challenges as you navigate your way through the right music streaming service. And then, some apps require you to be online to drain your battery and data pack. The solution is to know the right app for your iPhone and what it offers you. 

Do I Need To Watch Ads While Playing Music On These Free Music Apps

You don’t need to, but many apps give you no choice. Some give you a choice: shell out a few extra bucks so you can listen to all your favorite tracks without all the annoying ads coming in the way. 

And then, there are still some apps that serve as the best choice, where you can listen to music without putting up with the ads, some of which you can find in the list below. 

10 Best Free Apps to Listen to Music Offline on iPhone

Here are the ten best apps to listen to music offline on iPhone. Read on to know how each works, and then you can decide which is best for you.

Sr no.Apps Download Now
1PandoraClick Here
2MusifyClick Here
3NapsterClick Here
4PulsarClick Here
5n7PlayerClick Here
6JetAudioClick Here
7Vox PlayerClick Here
8Player XtremeClick Here
9Offline Music PlayerClick Here
10Cloud Music PlayerClick Here

1. Pandora

Pandora is the best free apps to listen to music offline iphone
Image source: Pandora

One name that you can’t fail to come across in your search for free apps to hear music offline is Pandora. 

Having come out in 2005, the app is now almost two decades old. What began as a subscription-based app later found its way into the list of some of the best free streaming apps we have today. 

Not only can you come to Pandora to hear songs for free, but you can also come up with your own stations according to the artists and music of your choice. 

While the app is free, it does give you a choice to upgrade so you can enjoy its better features. So, you can either go for the premium version or use the app for free. 

What’s nice about Pandora is the variety that it gives to you. Yes, you can come here to find a huge collection of over 50 million tracks that the app offers to you. 

Key Features

  • Gives you a unique experience
  • Has options for personalization
  • It lets you stream music without an active data connection
  • Accepts most file types
  • Easy to manage and create playlists with tabs

2. Musify

Musify is the best free apps to listen to music offline iphone

Image source: Musify

Musify is one of the best ways to build your music collection on your smartphone. While the choices you have here may not be as varied as apps like Amazon Music or Spotify, the app still has enough to keep a music lover satisfied. 

To install the app, you must first ensure you are first logged into the iOS app store app. Once you find the app from the store, find the GET button. It’s on the right. Tap it, and it will begin to download the unlimited free music streaming for YouTube. 

Once you reach here, tap the install button at the right. And this is how you get the app installed. You will now see the icon on the home screen of your iPhone. 

DJ sets, remixes, and live concerts. You can enjoy them all here. 

Key Features

  • It lets you listen to songs before downloading them.
  • Includes an equalizer and bass booster
  • It has features to help you sort your playlists 
  • It has more than 50 million albums and tracks
  • It gives you high-quality sounds

3. Napster

Napster is the best free apps to listen to music offline iphone

Image source: Napster

Another name you would have heard in your search for some of the best free apps to download your music with is Napster. 

In fact, here, you don’t even have to download songs and albums in order to enjoy them.

However, if you do want to save your music for easy access at a later time, all you have to do is make use of the offline mode. You can then save all the tracks that you want to maintain an interesting collection of offline songs that you can hear without being connected to the internet. 

What makes Napster so famous is the fact that it offers the user a variety of benefits. Of these, one is the huge collection of songs that you can find it in. Yes, Napster has more than a million songs for you to download or enjoy online. 

In other words, there is no end to how much you can explore when you come to Napser. What’s more, you can even sync the music that you find here with your other devices for flexibility to enjoy the music you want from any device you want, even on the go. 

Finally, Napster comes with one of the most intuitive user interfaces, so much that even a beginner can find his way through it as he goes. 

Key Features

  • Offers a wide variety
  • Easy to organize
  • Has options to personalize
  • High-quality audio
  • Accepts almost all digital music files

4. Pulsar

Pulsar is the best free apps to listen to music offline iphone

Image source: Pulsar 

What a lot of users claim to like about Pulsar is its design. Not only is the app designed according to the latest standards set by Google, but is also fashioned in a way that makes it easy to navigate your way. 

And you don’t have to put up with the annoyance of advertisements. Finally, the app also has features to help you control the audio playback. 

Key Features

  • No advertisements
  • Has a good design
  • Includes a notification bar control
  • Easy to sync across devices
  • Easy to navigate

5. n7Player

n7Player is the best free apps to listen to music offline iphone

Image source: n7Player

If you want a new experience through music streaming, n7Player is your music streaming service. Users love this app because it is feature-rich and allows them to experiment. 

However, you must have the iOS 16.4 version or above to download the app on your iPhone. Click on the download button. It will redirect you to the official app on the iTunes store, and you can download the app from there. 

Key Features

  • Innovative gesture-control interface
  • It has a powerful audio-processing feature
  • Built-in equalizer for an enhanced music experience
  • Custom lock screen feature for privacy
  • It has a sleep timer, too.

6. jetAudio – HD Music Player

jetAudio - HD Music Player is the best free apps to listen to music offline iphone

Image source: jetAudio – HD Music Player

It is not without reason that jetAudio is one of the highest-rated streaming platforms among iPhone users today. 

Thanks to the user-friendly interface, this app is easy to install, with simple steps to guide you as you go. 

The platform also has a plus version that you get to pay for, in return for which you can enjoy music without the interruption of advertisements. 

Key Features

  • Includes an equalizer with 16 presets for varied sound effects
  • It lets you stream from shared folders, too
  • It enables you to play, record, convert, and even burn your music
  • It has a grid molder to arrange all your files
  • It has three lock screen types to choose from 

7. VOX Player

VOX Player is the best free apps to listen to music offline iphone

Image source: VOX Player

They say that nothing is lost when you enjoy music from Vox Player. 

No matter what genre it is, it will be crisp and clear on the Vox Player. 

In other words, the streaming service lets you enjoy some of the best lossless music, so download it today. Just be ready to have enough storage capacity on your iPhone, for yes, the app does demand this little bit. 

All you have to do is go to the iTunes store on your iPhone, and then when you find the app, tap the Get button, and the app will download. You can then tap the install button to install the app. 

All you have to do from here is drag and drop the files till you have all your favorite tracks in your list. 

Key Features

  • Has a simple and intuitive design. 
  • Supports almost all (even hi-res) music formats
  • Includes an online radio with worldwide radio stations 
  • Allows you to connect it to other music streaming services, too
  • Gives you unlimited cloud storage for an extensive music collection

8. PlayerXtreme

PlayerXtreme is the best free apps to listen to music offline iphone

Image source: PlayerXtreme

The app does not just give you great audio but is known for its clear video, too, so you can watch movies on the go as long as your iPhone is with you. 

Getting the app on your phone is easy and can be done in a few simple steps. Once you are logged into the iOS app store, you find and download the app. Then, hit the install button on the right, and you are done. 

You begin by opening iTunes, finding your iPhone, and getting it connected. You can then drag and drop all the files you want into your PlayerXtreme, and you are done. 

Key Features

  • It lets you play files in your media gallery
  • Supports several different formats
  • Delivers a high sound quality
  • It has a simple user interface
  • It enables you to play files that are on your device, too

9. Offline Music Player

Offline Music Player is the best free apps to listen to music offline iphone

Image source: Offline Music Player

If you want the easiest way to play offline music, your search ends here. This is one app that won’t send you struggling to find your way, which makes it great for beginners not used to streaming music on their iPhones this way. 

The Offline Music Player lets you enjoy all the tracks you save anytime and anywhere. 

Ultimately, the app is beautifully designed to ensure you enjoy a pleasant experience when hearing your favorite music tracks. 

Key Features

  • It lets you transfer your tracks to other Apple devices with ease
  • It gives you options for headphone control
  • It has a powerful music player with an equalizer for enhanced effect
  • It comes with a background music playback feature, too
  • Lock Screen control support gives you the privacy you need

10. Cloud Music Player – FLAC Play

Cloud Music Player is the best free apps to listen to music offline iphone

Image source: Cloud Music Player – FLAC Play

Finally, the Cloud Music Player is another app you can consider installing on your iPhone. Here’s how you get in on your phone. First, download the app from the app store. Once done, you can easily access all the songs you saved from your cloud storage.

You can then transfer all the files you downloaded on your phone. However, ensure your phone is connected to your computer so you can open iTunes to drag and drop the files. You can make use of the cloud storage service for this. 

And you are done. Now, enjoy all the tracks that you streamed. Open the app on your iPhone. Navigate your way to where you stored these files and play. 

You can even convert the files to a file supported by your device. There is the AnyConverted website that you can make use of for this. 

Key Features

  • Supports Dropbox, Wifi transfer, and Google Drive
  • It has three different play modes: normal, single, and shuffle
  • Supports multiple playlists
  • It has a lock screen control for the user’s privacy
  • Creating and managing playlists is smooth and easy

What to Consider When Choosing a Music App?

For one, there is the sound quality, which is more so if you are passionate about music. Know that not all apps out there present your tracks in the best way. 

Yet, knowing that high kbps assures you of better quality, it will consume that much data on your phone, so choose wisely. 

In the end, know that anything above 96 kbps should be good enough. And then, as you would already know, don’t overlook the cost. While many of them would allow you to stream your music for free, there is a subscription plan you may have to pay for.

Wrap Up On Best Free Apps To Listen To Music Offline iPhone

So, these are the best free apps to listen to music offline on iPhone. And in answer to the question on your mind right now, there is no one best that we can suggest to you. 

That is for you to decide based on what you find most convenient and what works best for you. 

One way would be to make the most of the trial period, which many apps offer you, so you can take your time to decide based on how you feel. 

So, take your time, and enjoy playing with each of these as much as you can till you finally arrive at the one made for your iPhone and the music lover in you. 

FAQ: Best Free Apps To Listen To Music Offline iPhone 

Now, before you get lost amidst your favorite music tracks as you try some of the above-mentioned apps, let’s end with seeing the answers to a few FAQs.

Q1. Which is the best free app to listen to offline retro music on an iPhone?

Ans: There is no one answer, which can be subjective. What’s good for you may not be good enough for another music lover. However, you can be confident that some of the best apps you can go for are on this list.

Q2. How do I listen to music without an Internet connection on my iPhone?

Ans: If you have an Apple phone, one of the most obvious answers would be downloading the tracks from a reliable streaming service. You begin by adding the songs to your library and then downloading them to play when you are offline.

Q3. Is Google Play Music available on iPhone?

Ans: While Google Play Music is more prevalent among Android users, it becomes available on iPhone. The only challenge here is that you won’t find it like an Android user would see the app.

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