How To Block A Channel On YouTube: Parental Guide For Kids!

YouTube is the most popular platform for all and there are millions of channels on YouTube. But all the channels are not suitable for everyone, especially for growing kids. So, it is necessary to find the suspicious channel and block them out.

As per the reports of DailyDot, 61% are inappropriate videos that are been watched on YouTube. So, it becomes very necessary to block the channels whose videos are inappropriate for kids. In this post, you will get to know how to block a channel on YouTube. 

This post not only contains all the simple and necessary ways on blocking a channel on YouTube but also the importance of blocking a channel on YouTube and knowing how to unblock a channel that was mistakenly blocked.

So, let’s get started!

Why You Should Block A YouTube Channel As Parent? (Inappropriate Content)

No doubt YouTube is the place for sharing and invoking knowledge but all of the content may not be a child’s cup of tea. So, a parent has to only show the content for their child on YouTube which is the most appropriate.

Violence, Addictive, intense, relationships, etc… contents are known to be not suitable for kids. It is very difficult to especially find these types of content and block them on YouTube but by following the simple way mentioned you will find this process an easier one.

5 Simple Ways On How To Block A Channel On YouTube

There are various ways recommended by YouTube to make sure that children see appropriate content. In those, I have listed the most useful ones below so that you won’t find any difficulty to make your child see safe content.

1. Using The De-Recommendation Feature Of YouTube

The De Recommendation is a built-in feature provided by YouTube. This option basically is easy to use and completely disables all the recommendations of a particular YouTube channel.

This feature is very helpful if you find an inappropriate channel that is not good to watch for your child. Because by enabling this option, completely stops recommending the videos of the channel you have chosen.

To enable this option, firstly you have to open the YouTube application or site on your desktop or mobile > Then find the video of the particular channel which you want YouTube to stop recommending by searching for it.

Then click on the “Three Dots” icon right beside the video > Click On “Don’t Recommend Channel”. After this, the channel videos will completely stop recommending for your child. If you change your mind or mistakenly disable the video then click the “Undo” option immediately.

Using The De-Recommendation Feature to block a channel on youtube

2. Enable Restricted Mode To Protect Your Child Saftey

Restricted mode is a feature provided by YouTube which is easily available in the settings. Restricted mode sorts out all the inappropriate videos and does not allow your child to watch them by hiding them completely.

Inappropriate videos include all the mature or adult videos that a child must not watch. To turn on the restricted mode Sign In To your YouTube account > Click On Your “Profile” Icon > Settings > Account > Turn On “Restricted Mode”.

Enable Restricted Mode to block a channel on youtube

For desktops, just open the YouTube website > Click On your Profile Icon > Click On The Restricted Mode Tab and activate it. After this, the Restricted Mode will automatically filter all the inappropriate content for your child and stop it from displaying.

3. Manually Blocking A YouTube Channel

This way is an alternative to the way of Not Recommending videos on a channel. But this way is a bit practical and you will know to manually block or even report a particular YouTube channel.

To block a channel, Go to The YouTube channel’s page either on mobile or desktop > Click the “About” Tab > Tap on the “Flag Icon” when hovered displays Report User > Click on “Block User” among the four options listed.

To block a channel on YouTube Manually block a YouTube channel

In this way, you can even report about the channel, profile picture, or channel content by clicking on the option on the screen.

4. Install A Chrome Extension And Block YT Channel

Google Chrome is widely used by almost all desktop users so for them this chrome extension might help them. This chrome extension allows you to block the YouTube website that too on your Chrome browser.

To download the extension Go to the Web Store > Search for “Block Site” extension > Add To chrome. After this wait for a few seconds and the extension will be added to your Chrome browser.

Install BlockSite Extension in your Chrome Browser to block a channel on youtube

To use this extension Go To the YouTube site > Press the extension symbol at the top-right corner of the screen > And click Block Site and then “Ok”. After that YouTube site will be blocked.

5. Launch YouTube Kids Application By YouTube

YouTube kids is a specialized application by YouTube designed especially for all kids under 13 age with all important measures which is suitable for kids. This platform is available for all platforms namely Android, iOS, Web, and even some smart TVs.

For Android and iOS download the “YouTube Kids” applications from Play Store And App Store respectively. For the web, you have to simply go to youtubekids.com site to access the YouTube kids platform.

After you launch YouTube Kids start as a Parent if you are a new user and let your child then use YouTube kids and always be safe.

How You Can Unblock The Blocked YouTube Channel?

While following the above ways you may even mistakenly block a YouTube channel that is appropriate for your kids or it can even give your child good information. So, below I have given the process of unblocking a blocked YouTube channel.

Step 1: Go to the Google My Activity page on your browser (Works on both desktop and mobile) and choose the right account of the blocked YouTube channel by clicking the image at the top-right corner of the screen.

go to the google my activity page to block a channel on youtube

Step 2: Click on the “Hamburger Icon” at the top-left corner of the screen and a menu will slide up there > “Other Activity” option.

Click on Other activity option to block a channel on youtube

Step 3: Scroll Down on the page till you find YouTube ‘Not Interested’ Feedback under Other Activity. There simply click on “Delete” in the blue text and tap on “Delete” again to confirm to unblock all the blocked YouTube channels.

Click on the delete option to block a channel on youtube

Wrap-Up On How To Block A Channel On YouTube

It is not always that all the channels you think as a parent might affect a child’s life. By manually blocking a YouTube channel it prevents the particular channel from also commenting on your videos.

It is also a parent’s responsibility to make sure that the child knows about the Internet and its advantages and disadvantages.

I hope you found this post very informative and helpful, if you have any doubts relating to how to block a channel on YouTube then don’t forget to drop a comment in the comment box below.

FAQ: How To Block A Channel On YouTube

As a parent you might be very feared about your child’s safety on the internet as well as watching content uploaded on YouTube, every point could not be covered in this post so I have tried clear a few of them below:-

Q1. Is it possible to block a channel on YouTube TV?

Ans: YouTube TV literally refers to using YouTube on smart tv. Some of the ways cleared in this post also work on smart TVs but it is highly recommended to do all the important settings of your account on your phone and further use it on TV.

Q2. How to block a channel from appearing in the search results?

Ans: YouTube does not have a specialized function for blocking a channel on YouTube. But this can be made possible by using a Chrome extension for desktop users named “Channel Blocker” which is easily available on the chrome web store.

Q3. Does following all the ways of blocking channel help in a child’s internet safety?

Ans: No, there is not a perfect way for your child’s safety on YouTube, but following different ways may highly help you for your child’s safety so it is recommended to apply all the ways mentioned in the post.

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