How To Disconnect Or Connect Facebook From Instagram: 2 Simple Ways To Do That!

Instagram now allows you to internally connect your Facebook to the Instagram account. But it is not always safe to keep your Facebook connected to Instagram. Because all your data gets transferred to each other every time you update anything on any of your account.

As per the reports of Statista, Facebook is #1 and Instagram is #4 on the list of the global biggest social media platforms. In these, many people keep their accounts interlinked and end up losing their privacy and data. So, it is necessary to know how to disconnect Facebook from Instagram.

This post covers all the ways to unlink your Facebook account from Instagram and vice-versa does not matter if you are using a desktop or mobile to do this process. 

So, let’s get started!

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Keeping Facebook And Instagram Linked

Every coin has two faces, in the same way, keeping your Facebook and Instagram accounts has both advantages and disadvantages so it is important for you to know both of them. 

The most advantage of connecting Facebook to Instagram is, it saves your time. This is because whenever your post anything on your social media account it even gets updated at the same time on both Instagram and Facebook.

And keeping both handles connected allows you to access both platforms by just logging in to any one account. The disadvantage of keeping both social media platforms is all your posts uploaded on any handle get automatically published if not deactivated.

And the main drawback is, if anyone in both of your accounts gets hacked then the linked account also gets hacked. This is the main reason why you must always prefer to use Instagram and Facebook differently.

2 Ways On How To Disconnect Facebook From Instagram

Facebook And Instagram are by the same company named Meta. The steps to disconnect both handles from each other are almost similar on both platforms but the procedure differs. So, follow the ways given below carefully:-

1. Disconnect Facebook From Instagram Using The Instagram App

The Instagram app is widely used by creators who also use Facebook and keep their accounts interlinked. This process is almost similar on desktop and mobile, the only thing is that you have to carefully follow the steps.

Step 1: Open the Instagram App on your mobile or go to the Instagram website on your phone and log in to your account in which you want to disconnect Facebook. Then go to the Profile page by clicking on your profile icon at the bottom-right corner of the screen.

Click on the Profile icon on Instagram to disconnect Facebook from Instagram

Step 2: Then click on the “Hamburger Icon” at the top right corner of the screen and under the list click on the “Settings” option listed on the top. Here you will find a list of options and at the bottom of the page under the Meta logo click on the “Accounts Center” text.

Go to the Account center in Instagram Settings to disconnect Facebook from Instagram

Step 3: In the Accounts Center click on the Accounts option and here click on the “remove” button next to your Facebook account. Then click on “Continue” > And choose any one of the options from the screen and then your Facebook account will be unlined from the Instagram account.

Click on the Remove Button in Instagram Account Center Setting to disconnect Facebook from Instagram

2. Disconnect Instagram From Facebook Using The Facebook App

It is even possible to disconnect your Instagram account from the Facebook handle. The process and steps are almost similar but the options are just misplaced here so, follow the steps below:-

Step 1: First, open the Facebook platform either on mobile or desktop, and log in to your account by filling in the account details. Then click on the “Hamburger Icon” > “Settings” icon and you will be redirected to the settings page.

Go to the Facebook Setting to disconnect Facebook from Instagram

Step 2: After going to the Settings page scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the blue text of “Accounts Center” on the Meta box. Under the “Accounts” menu click on the “Remove” button on the right side of your account. And prompt all the permission and your Instagram account will be unlinked from the Facebook account.

Go to the Facebook Account center Setting and click on the remove button to disconnect Facebook from Instagram

Important Instagram And Facebook Interactions Settings

If you do not want to unlink Instagram and Facebook but still want all the privacy features by which your account stays protected, then try the settings that you will be knowing as you read below:-

One important interaction setting of Instagram and Facebook is disabling automatic posts and stories to be published on your Facebook account when it is connected to the Instagram account or Instagram account when connected to the Facebook account.

To do it, either open your Facebook or Instagram app or website > Settings > Scroll down and Click on the “Meta Accounts Center” link > Under “Manage Connected Experiences”, click on “Sharing Across Profiles” menu > There tap on your Facebook or Instagram account.

Here you will find two options to disable under “Automatically Share” one is to disable the automatic sharing of stories and the other one is of posts so, you can disable any one or both of them according to your needs.

Go to the sharing across profiles to disconnect Facebook from Instagram

Remove Facebook And Instagram Posts

After you unlink and do all the interaction settings between your Facebook and Instagram now comes the procedure of deleting the earlier data that was posted on Facebook due to the linking on Instagram.

For this go to the Facebook platform either on your phone or desktop, log in there and go to your “Profile” area > There you will find an option called “Photos” just tap on it, and here you will find all the photos of your Facebook account.

Now click on the “Albums” tab, here you will find a special folder named Instagram if any media is being published on your Facebook account through Instagram. Open the album and individually delete all the photos you wish by clicking on the “three dots icon” > Delete.

Go to the Facebook Album and Click on Instagram Option to disconnect Facebook from Instagram

If you are using a browser on your desktop, under the “Albums” section you will find an option of deleting the whole Instagram album at once by clicking on the “three dots icon” on the album.

Wrap Up On How To Disconnect Facebook From Instagram

This post gave you complete information and the process of unlinking your Facebook and Instagram accounts. 

The main reason for knowing the unlinking process of both handles is to safeguard your account from getting hacked by hackers over the Internet. But, you must also know the process of linking the Facebook account from Instagram. 

For that, go to your Instagram Profile > Go to the Menu > Settings > Tap “Accounts Center” at the bottom > Tap add Instagram account and complete the whole process of linking your both accounts.

I hope you found all the information and the ways listed in this particular post helpful and if you have any doubts related to how to disconnect Facebook from Instagram then kindly drop a comment in the comment box and we will be helpful to reply to you back.

FAQ: How To Disconnect Facebook From Instagram

The queries of social media are very delicate and vast too. While researching on this topic on the internet I found many unanswered questions by people, in those I have tried to list a few of them and clear the doubts:-

Q1. Does Meta recommend keeping your social handles connected to each other?

Ans: Meta the owner of Facebook and Instagram has not stated anything about keeping your social handles connected. But as per our recommendation, it truly depends if you have a creator or professional account.

Q2. Is it safe to keep the same username for Instagram and Facebook profiles?

Ans: No, it is not safe because your all accounts can get noticed by hackers at once. But you can still play around with your username with words to make it different unless you are a professional creator online.

Q3. Is it possible to keep linking and unlinking your Facebook and Instagram accounts frequently?

Ans: Instagram and Facebook have no restrictions while you do some changes to your account. But still, it is recommended to not do so. This is because Instagram or Facebook may find you spam or a bot who is tricking online and block your accounts.

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