Learn How To Change Default Browser On iPhone: Quick And Easy Steps!

iPhone is used by everyone nowadays from a learner to a professional. So, in this present stage of a person, the most important thing is searching for different topics online. But, the browser affects the most that’s why it is necessary to choose the best default browser.

As per the reports of Statista, presently iPhone is being used by 48.7% of users. This means that iPhone’s shares have increased by approximately 2% from 2021 to 2022. Surfing online is the most important part of using an iPhone, so it becomes necessary to know how to change default browser on iPhone.

This post not only gives you a complete guide to changing the default browser on your iPhone but also solves different queries related to browsers that you must surely know. 

So, Let’s Get Started!

Why Is Safari Different From Chrome?

As every iPhone user knows that Safari is the default browser provided by Apple for its users to search online but while changing the browser almost all of you might be thinking to change the default browser to Chrome.

But do you know how are Apple’s Safari and Google’s Chrome different? Basically, both allow users to browse freely. Safari is an open-source browser but Chrome is just a free but not open source.

The major difference is Safari is only available for iOS users but Chrome is available for all kinds of operating systems. Chrome allows third-party integrations which make our online surfing easier but Safari doesn’t allow that.

In terms of security, Safari is considered better than chrome as it blocks different data trackers online which is not that efficient on chrome. In terms of online reports, Chrome is the most used browser in the world followed by Safari.

Step By Step Process On How To Change Default Browser On iPhone

The differences between Chrome and Safari are pretty clear but still, it can not be advised to use a particular browser on iPhone because it depends on the person’s needs and requirements.

However, if you have chosen the perfect browser then you can follow the complete step-by-step guide for how to change default browser on iPhone:-

1. Go To Your iPhone Settings

Settings are the place where you can manage everything on your phone. The settings app is the default for all operating devices let it be desktop or mobile. But the user interface differs a bit. On iPhone, you can easily search for any setting in the settings search box.

Even to change your default browser it is necessary to go to Settings. For that just scroll to the apps and find the gear icon named “Settings” else you can easily search it in the default app library of your iPhone.

Go to the settings to change default browser on iphone

2. Searching The Browser App

After you enter the Settings app, scroll until you find the “Safari” app which is the default browser of the iPhone, if you are not able to find it manually then search for the app and tap on it.

Search Browser App to change default browser on iphone

3. Changing The Default Browser App

Here you will find different options, just click on “Default Browser App” and you will notice a tick after Safari, just change it to whichever default browser you want to change and your settings of the default browser app will be updated.

Select Your Default Browser App to change default browser on iphone

Advantages After Changing Default Browser On iPhone

There are different advantages when you change your default browser as per your needs instead of using Safari.

The main advantage is the Safari browser is only available on iOS devices so your data and different passwords stay up to iOS devices only.

But by changing to any other browser that is workable on all operating devices you can access all your search history, data, passwords, etc… on any device you log in to. The second advantage is the access to usage of more options on other browsers.

As shared before Safari is very limited to its users because it depends more on privacy and does not give access to thor-part apps. But other famous browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, etc… have an option for extensions and third-party apps.

Simple Process To Change Default Browser On Other IOS Devices

iPhone, iPad, and Mac all belong to Apple and have an operating system of IOS so if you use iPhone it is also necessary to know how to change the default browser on other IOS devices by Apple.

For macOS, click on the Apple menu in the top left corner of the screen > open the System Preferences > and click the General icon. Here next to the “Default Web Browser” click on the drop-down and select the preferred browser you have installed on your Mac.

Change Default Browser on macOS to change default browser on iphone

For iPadOS, switch your iPad on and go to the “Settings” application > Click on any browser from all the browsers shown > after you go to the browser settings you will find an option of “Default Browser App” just click on it and choose the browser that you want to set as default.

Do you know Apple before prevented changing default browser settings on iPad but after alerting Apple enabled this option?

After doing these settings if you wish to switch back to the old browser you can follow the same steps and do so.

Can I Follow The Same Process To Change Default Browser On Android?

Apple’s OS which is iOS differs from that of Google’s OS which is Android. So, it is not really similar steps to change your default browser so try to follow the process given below to get an idea of changing a default browser on Android.

For Android, launch your phone’s settings app > Click on the “Apps” menu in the list > Under the “General” tab click on Default Apps > Browser app > Then select your browser from the list.

For some phones, after you click on the “App” menu under Settings select “Choose Default Apps” > Tap “Browser App” > Choose here the browser you want to set as default from the list.

Wrap-Up On How To Change Default Browser On iPhone

This post was quite informative with a bit of practical knowledge. Before you want to change your default browser on any device the most needed is a good browser. 

In simpler words, you must first install the best browser as per your needs then only the default browser can be changed.

After you change your default browser it is still important to notice that you see that your browser is totally fine with privacy and there is no privacy leakage.

I hope you found this post very informative and if you have any doubts or queries related to how to change the default browser on your iPhone then kindly make sure to drop a comment below in the comment box and we will try to reply to you as soon as possible.

FAQ: How To Change Default Browser On iPhone

While researching this particular topic on the internet, I found many unanswered doubts about browsers and their issues which are not yet answered. So, I have tried to clear some of them below so kindly go through it:-

Q1. Which is the best browser for phones, tablets, and desktops?

Ans: However choosing the browser clearly depends on your needs but it is found that Chrome browser which can be used on all the above platforms including Linux is very efficient, safe and powerful, and trusted by millions of users who are using the Internet.

Q2. Can viruses get into an iPhone through a browser?

Ans: Yes, hackers are so efficient to hack even the most secure operating system that is iOS. So you must be always careful when you visit sites on your browser while using the Internet.

Q3. Does the Internet speed you receive also depends on the browser?

Ans: Yes, internet speed also gets affected by the browser you use to browse. Because the browsers you use for research on the Internet also undergo different processes behind the screen in the browser.

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