Tips To Check Who Unfriended Me On Facebook: 4 Different Ways!

Facebook is a better place to make new friends or to be with someone with whom you want to build your connection online. But, it becomes unfair when someone in your friend list has unfriended you on Facebook.

According to the reports of postplanner.com, about 64% of the users visit the Facebook website daily. Also, people aged between 18 to 29 comprising about 19% were asked to unfriend someone on their network.

Unfriending means that Someone has removed you from the friend list for maybe some reason which is not making a good talk. Many times, you wonder why someone doesn’t interact with your posts on Facebook. So, you might think about what may be happening. However, It’s an easy process to know who unfriended me on Facebook.

If you’re feeling anxious as every time you see on your Facebook friend number decreases. As if you want to find out who dared to unfriend you. So, continue to be with this article to know all about it.

So, Let’s start it…

What Are The Reasons Someone Unfriended You On Facebook

The users who use social media such as Facebook are usually unfriended due to some reasons which are not suitable for them. Most people don’t do it but some mostly unfriend because something such had happened earlier. These are some of the reasons why someone unfriends you on Facebook

  • Argue: On Facebook, many things are being uploaded such as posts, and videos. So, there may be some posts related to any topic which may create an argument between two or more in comment sections.
  • Language: Language is the most important thing which needs to be good. But, some people on social media use bad language in their stories, and posts that are not suitable for everyone there.
  • Offensive Materials: Facebook is a place where people share their posts but some people use it to upload unflattering or disturbing images. This is the main reason why people find it unwanted to consume those materials.
  • Unknown Person: In social media, you can get connected to anyone from anywhere if you allow the one to befriend. But, after a long time, you may unfriend when you realize that to limit your circle to the known person only.

Tips To Check Who Unfriended Me On Facebook: 4 Different Ways To Know

Being unfriended turns out to be more thinking About why someone would do it. For this reason, we become more curious to know all about it. So, here you will know Who unfriended you on Facebook by following the simple tips which are described below.

1. Visiting Connections To Find Unfriended Ones

First of all, you need to open your Facebook application. Then just go to the three-dot horizontal menu of your profile. From here, you need to click on the settings icon displayed at the top right corner.

Now, click on your profile settings and then down below you can see an option as an activity log where you can view and manage your profile activity. So, you need to click on the activity log for useful changes to be done.

Visiting Connections To Find Unfriended Ones Who unfriended me on facebook

After that, you need to scroll down, and you can see the connections as view connections options. Now, click on right at the down arrow of the view connection option and tap on removed friends. From here, you can see the list of the friends you have unfriended.

2. Checking Your Facebook Friend List To Search for Someone Who Unfriended You

Once you open your Facebook account when you land on your home page. From here you need to go to your profile. Click on the three-dot menu and visit your profile by clicking on see your profile.

After entering your profile dashboard on Facebook. Then you need to go to your friend’s option and click on search friends. For example, If I search for a friend whom I think has removed me as a friend.

Check Your Facebook Friend List To Search for Someone For Who unfriended me on facebook

So, If your particular friend has unfriended you then you will not be able to see your friend’s name on your friend list. This is the reason which simply tells that the person removed from your friend list. This is the sure short way to find out whether that person has unfriended you on Facebook.

3. Find Unfriended Person By Simply Searching On Facebook

This is the easy method to know who unfriended you on Facebook. This technique works when you can think of who has unfriended you. For this, you need to be sure if something wrong has happened previously with your relationships.

This way, when you open Facebook, click on the search icon at the top of your screen. After searching, when you enter your friend’s profile. Now, here if the person’s profile is showing add friend and If the person was previously your friend.

Find Unfriended Person By Simply Search On Facebook For Who unfriended me on facebook

Then, This implies that the person has unfriended you. If you go to his profile and see that the add friend option is not coming. In the same way, this shows that the person is already on your friend list.

4. Use An Application From Google Play Store

It becomes too easy when you use an application for finding who unfriended you on Facebook. However, you can directly install an application named who unfriended me from Google Play Store.

The first thing you want to do after installation is that you need to sign in to your Facebook account on this application. From that time when you are logged in with the details, you can find everything about who did anything on Facebook.

Install the Who Unfriended Me application from the play store for Who unfriended me on facebook

From this application, you don’t only know all about what happened on Facebook. Things such as friends who deactivated, friends who reactivated, friends who befriended you again, and many more things you come to know.

Wrap Up On Who Unfriended Me On Facebook

Facebook is important, good and bad with whom you surround yourself. So, if you find the one who unfriended you. You need to stay away from them cause they would do it again.

We shared here about the different ways to know who Unfriended you. You can select any of the methods told here to know about that person. Therefore, be safe from ones whom you don’t know on Facebook and never trust blindly there.

Most importantly, we have also talked about the reasons which might be a cause of unfriending. The information here is all practically done and shared with you all to help others also.

I hope this article was quite useful in finding out whether the person has unfriended you or not. If you find this helpful or have any queries related to the topic. You can also comment below and check our website regularly for more such helpful articles.

FAQ: Who Unfriended Me On Facebook

Many things are too easy but you might want to know something about the topic. For this issue, many users search on Google to know about the answers. Therefore, we selected some important questions which we find that need to be answered.

Q1. What does it mean when a Known person unfriends you on Facebook?

Ans: When someone whom you know unfriends you on Facebook, it usually means that they don’t want to be connected anymore. They also show that they don’t have any kind of interest in you relating to what type of content you share on Facebook. So, you should not try to contact them if they don’t want to be in life.

Q2. Can you see when you were unfriended on Facebook?

Ans: No, you can not see when you were unfriended on Facebook. Facebook doesn’t show any kind of dates or any notifications of being unfriended. But, on the other hand, you can easily know when you have Unfriended someone on Facebook.

Q3. Will someone still see your story if they unfriend you?

Ans: Yes, anyone can easily view your story if you have set your account to be publicly visible to everyone. If you make your account private, then the person who unfriended you can’t see your profile. However, they are further denied being able to access stories, posts, and videos.

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