How To Temporarily Deactivate Facebook On iPhone: In Just 5 Minutes

Facebook is a free social networking site that allows you to post status updates, send messages, and share photos and videos. It is an online community that is being used by Millions of users all around the world generally for some specific purpose.

According to the reports of datareportal, users mostly spend an average of 19.5 hours on Facebook each month in 2021 data reports. Therefore, 98.3% of users prefer to use a mobile rather than a computer to access Facebook.

This is the reason we commonly use our iPhone/mobile for surfing Facebook. Many often face some kind of problem. Therefore One such problem is many might not know how to temporarily deactivate Facebook.

Are you looking for a way to solve this problem? So don’t worry you are at the right place to know everything about it. By following some steps on how to temporarily deactivate Facebook account mentioned in this article, you will be able to solve your problem easily.

Why Facebook Is Important In Life

In Today’s Life, Facebook has become an important medium to be connected and know each other regardless of where they are. Therefore, you can get much more from Facebook than spending time unnecessarily on it.

Every social media has pros and cons. If we use wisely and limited completing our daily work. Then, it’s good for one to use Facebook. Facebook is a knack for bringing businesses and brands to the front of people’s minds.

Here, Users can customize their personal profile with all kinds of information from their employment history to their favorite ice cream. They can search for other users and add them as friends. Therefore, the importance of Facebook differs from a person to person.

How To Temporarily Deactivate Facebook On iPhone: 7 Simple Steps

Deactivating a Facebook account temporarily is very simple but most people don’t know how to do it. Here, The process which is told here is mostly similar for both iPhone and Android users. Today, you will know how to temporarily deactivate Facebook on your iPhone.

1. Login To Your Account In The Facebook App On Your iPhone 

The first step you need to do is to open the Facebook application from your device. Now, Sign in to your account by entering all details correctly and you will be logged in to your Facebook account.

2. Click On The Menu Icon Option

After logging in, you will reach the home tab of Facebook. Now, you need to Tap on the menu icon available at the bottom right side of your screen.

3. Find Settings & Privacy Option

Now, scroll down at the bottom. You will find the settings & Privacy Option and tap on it. After this, a popup slide upward appears and the settings option is displayed. So, just tap on that option.

Click on Settings & Privacy option to temporarily deactivate facebook

4. Tap On Account Ownership And Control Option

After Tapping on the Settings Option, Then tap on the personal and account information option available at the top. From here, you need to tap on the Account ownership and control option.

Tap On Account Ownership And Control Option to temporarily deactivate facebook

5. Click On The Deactivation And Deletion Option

This way you are going to deactivate your Facebook account. So, now tap on deactivation and deletion. Then select deactivate the account. At down Tap on continue to account deactivation.

Select Deactivation And Deletion Option to temporarily deactivate facebook

6. Verify Your Facebook Account By Confirming Your Password

Just enter the current password of your account you used to log in and then Tap continue. Finally, you need to select the reason why you are deactivating your account and then tap continue.

Click on Deactivate account Option to temporarily deactivate facebook

7. Finally Deactivate Your Facebook Account

Scroll down and select don’t reactivate automatically and tap the continue button. Now scroll down, and tap on Deactivate my account. When your account is deactivated no one else can see your profile and you are successfully logged out.

Enter your password and press continue button to temporarily deactivate facebook

How Do I Reactivate My Deactivated Facebook Account

In the future, many users who wish to come back due to some reason who have deactivated their Facebook account. However, Facebook always has a backup and you can easily restore to reactivate your deactivated Facebook Account within 30 days.

If you have allowed reactivating your Facebook account after some days, then it will be automatically back. Another thing is if you are selected to don’t reactivate automatically not select any days. However, In this case, it will not do the same.

Therefore, you can manually reactivate your Facebook account. First, you need to make sure you must have all the login details. 

For this, you can reactivate your account anytime by logging back into Facebook. Finally, this will easily reactivate your deactivated Facebook account at any time.

How Can I Protect My Facebook Account From Being Hacked

Today, you might hear many of your friends, celebrities or anyone as accounts are been hacked. These hackers gain access and try to do unwanted harm. 

However, for this reason, a user using Facebook should secure their accounts to avoid being hacked by doing necessary changes to their account.

If someone hacks your account, you may be at a loss if you have officially used Facebook for business or you may have to start again if you had followers on your Facebook page. Therefore, for everyone, it may cause a big problem.

The best ways to protect your Facebook account from hackers are as follows

  • Choose a strong and unique password (don’t use common words or your personal information in your password)
  • Enable two-factor authentication for even more protection.
  • Always Log out when you’re done using facebook on public devices.
  • Avoid clicking on suspicious links on Facebook which may harm your devices.
  • Enable log-in alerts for your Facebook account.

Is There Any Shortcut On How To Temporarily Deactivate Facebook

No, there is no shortcut on how to temporarily deactivate a Facebook account with the method other than told above in this article. 

Many changes to your Facebook account are done only with the help of the Facebook application and by visiting the official website.

While you should never sign in for your Facebook account from a third-party application or website. However, the steps shared are quick and easy and you can easily do them within a minute.

Wrap Up On How To Temporarily Deactivate Facebook

Most of the information in this article is simple and easy to do. For a better understanding, we have also shared images. More information related to the topic has also been provided. Thus, This will help in managing your account properly. 

Facebook also can be used to earn money online. Before earning, you should complete Facebook Monetization Eligibility. Therefore, when you can earn through in-stream ads, paid subscriptions, collaboration, paid events, etc.

Before Earning, you must fulfill all eligibility criteria of your account. If you have a problem regarding the deactivation of your Facebook account. Please, comment below and we will try to respond as soon as possible. Therefore, for more helpful articles, keep visiting our website.

FAQ: How To Temporarily Deactivate Facebook

Many times users often search for the answers by dropping questions on Google. So, We have picked the most important questions and tried to answer them in our FAQ Section which is shown below.

Q1. When someone blocks you on Facebook what happens?

Ans: Facebook allows you to block someone from whom you are being disturbed. This allows the blocked person to prevent from seeing the timeline of a Facebook user. Therefore, he is also not able to message you, tag you or start a conversation.

Q2. What will happen if I temporarily deactivate my Facebook page?

Ans: Temporarily Deactivation of your Facebook account causes no one to visit your profile, can access messenger to chat which can be still read if ended. Also, many things instantly disappear when you deactivate your Facebook page.

Q3. Do people see when you search for them on Facebook?

Ans: No, people can’t be notified if you search for them on Facebook. Most people often use to stalk others every time to know much about them if they previously missed their posts on their timelines. However, it is such a strange and uncommon practice. So, add the one whom you know to your friend list on Facebook.

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