10 Free Instagram Video Download Apps: Save Your Favorite Stories, Reels, And Posts!

Instagram has become a hub of creativity and inspiration. One of the most fascinating features of Instagram is its video content, ranging from entertaining stories to informative reels and eye-catching posts. However, downloading this is a common issue.

As per the reports of Earthweb, Instagram stories are used by 500 million every day. Instagram also has more than 1 billion active users day-to-day. You might come across one or the other video which you need to download. But, downloading it is a problem as there is no in-built feature.

So, in this article, we will walk you through the 10 free Instagram video download apps. Also, we have shared with you the legality and terms of use on Instagram video downloading so make sure to go through it once.

Let’s get started.

Instagram Video Downloading: Legality And Terms Of Use

It’s essential to think about the legality and conditions of use linked with such acts while downloading videos from Instagram. Instagram does not officially offer a built-in function for downloading videos, even if the program does allow users to post and view films. 

Users frequently use third-party applications or websites to address this demand. But it’s important to be aware of the legal ramifications and adhere to Instagram’s usage guidelines. 

According to Instagram’s terms of service, users are not authorized to download, duplicate, distribute, or change content from the site without the creator’s express consent.

Additionally, because the original producers have intellectual property rights, many downloaded videos could be covered under copyright laws. Copyrighted content can be violated by unauthorized downloading and spreading, which may lead to legal repercussions.

In order to ensure ethical and responsible use of the platform’s material, users must be aware of the legality of Instagram video downloading and observe the conditions of use established by Instagram.

Top 10 Free Instagram Video Download Apps

There are various apps available to download Instagram videos with ease and for free. They might not be helpful so we are providing you with the top 10 apps in this section. Make sure to go through every app and understand it.

1. Video Downloader For Instagram

Install Video Downloader For Instagram app for Instagram video download apps

One of the best free Instagram video downloaders is Video Downloader for Instagram. Because of Instagram’s functional design and user-friendly features, users may download Instagram videos with ease.

With the help of this software, users may seamlessly download images and videos from Instagram posts, stories, and IGTV. Additionally, it allows for bulk downloading, which helps users save time.

Additionally, Video Downloader for Instagram provides the opportunity to instantly share downloaded content with friends or to repost it.

Video Downloader for Instagram stands out as a fantastic option for individuals wishing to save and simply access their favorite Instagram videos because of its dependable performance and adaptability.

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2. InstaSave

Another excellent app for downloading Instagram videos is InstaSave, which needs to be included on the list of best free choices. Users may easily download videos from Instagram with InstaSave because of its simple design and user-friendly interface.

With support for many forms of Instagram material, including videos, photographs, stories, and IGTV, this app offers a smooth downloading experience. Users may rapidly store their preferred videos with only a few clicks.

InstaSave also makes it simple to share engaging films with friends and followers by allowing users to repost downloaded material right from the app.

For Instagram users who want to save and enjoy their treasured video material without any confusion, InstaSave shows to be a useful tool with its dependable performance and extensive downloading possibilities.

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3. FastSave

Install the FastSave app for Instagram video download apps

On the list of best free Instagram video downloaders, FastSave is a great addition. FastSave provides an effortless experience for downloading Instagram videos with its svelte UI and effective performance.

With only one swipe, users of this app may quickly save videos from Instagram posts, stories, and IGTV. Additionally, FastSave has a built-in media player that enables users to view downloaded videos right inside the software. FastSave allows downloading high-quality photos from Instagram in addition to saving videos.

FastSave shows to be a dependable option for Instagram users who wish to easily save and enjoy their favorite videos and photographs thanks to its quick download rates and reliable functionality.

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4. Repost for Instagram

An excellent program for downloading and uploading Instagram videos is Repost for Instagram. Users may easily save and share their favorite videos with the help of Repost for Instagram’s straightforward UI.

With proper acknowledgment from the original content creator, this software enables users to take videos from Instagram and repost them directly to their own Instagram accounts. 

Repost for Instagram also includes other features including the option to copy captions from the original posts and a built-in media player to preview downloaded videos.

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5. StorySaver

StorySaver makes it simple for users to save and return intriguing Instagram stories with its user-friendly design and robust functionality.

With the help of this software, users may download both pictures and videos from Instagram stories that their favorite accounts have uploaded. Users may browse through the tales and choose the ones they want to download with no interruptions. 

Users may easily share interesting material with their own followers by using StorySaver’s easy feature to repost downloaded tales.

StorySaver is a must-have tool for users who wish to save and save those ephemeral moments shared by others on their Instagram stories because of its dependability and focus on saving Instagram tales.

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6. Video Downloader – For Instagram Repost App

Users looking for a complete solution to download and repost Instagram videos should definitely consider the Video Downloader – Instagram Repost App. This software makes it easy to save and share Instagram’s engaging videos thanks to its simple UI and robust capabilities.

Users may easily download videos from Instagram posts, stories, and IGTV using the app. The videos are kept in high-quality resolution and include a built-in media player for previewing downloaded videos.

A useful repost option is also included in the Video Downloader – for Instagram Repost App, allowing users to share downloaded videos on their personal Instagram accounts while properly crediting the original authors.

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7. InstaGet

Download the InstaGet app for Instagram video download apps

For those seeking a quick and easy solution, InstaGet is a highly suggested tool for downloading Instagram videos. InstaGet provides a smooth experience for storing and watching your favorite Instagram videos with its user-friendly UI and strong features.

With only a few taps, users of this app may quickly download videos from Instagram posts, stories, and IGTV. Because InstaGet enables high-quality video downloads, you may watch your downloaded videos in the best possible resolution. 

The software also comes with a built-in media player that lets you preview downloaded videos right inside the app. InstaGet is a great option for Instagram users who want a hassle-free way to download and view their favorite videos because of its dependable performance and simple features.

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8. 10insta

A well-liked and well-investigated internet service called 10insta offers a practical solution to download Instagram videos. Despite not being an app, it provides a user-friendly platform that is accessed via a web browser.

Users of 10insta may quickly download videos from Instagram by typing the URL of the video they want into the area given. The program allows users to download videos from IGTV, stories, and posts.

It provides customers with a variety of video quality options so they may select the resolution that best meets their needs. Users who prefer online tools over app-based solutions frequently use 10insta because of its dependable performance and speedy downloads.

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9. InSaver – Video Downloader For Instagram

The well-researched app GramSave offers a dependable way to download Instagram videos. Users can easily store and watch their favorite Instagram videos with the help of this user-friendly software, which provides a smooth experience.

By simply copying and pasting the video URL into the app, users of GramSave may download videos from Instagram posts, stories, and IGTV. Users may save films easily and swiftly with the help of the app’s speedy and effective download capabilities. 

Users may optimize the file size based on their preferences by having the ability to select the video quality before downloading. GramSave is a dependable option for Instagram video downloading because of its user-friendly design and consistent performance.

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10. Inflact

An established and well-researched software called Inflact offers a variety of tools and features to improve your Instagram experience. Despite not concentrating on video downloads particularly, Inflact has a number of other useful functions.

Advanced analytics, hashtag generators, post schedulers, and follower monitoring tools are all available to users through Inflact. These features are intended to aid Instagram users in maximizing their visibility, participation, and growth on the network.

Although Inflact may not be particularly focused on downloading videos, its extensive feature set makes it a popular option for people and companies trying to optimize their Instagram performance and meet their social media objectives.

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Wrap Up On Instagram Video Download Apps

The availability of Instagram video download apps has made saving and enjoying your favorite videos from the platform easier than ever. We have looked at a selection of well-researched and dependable solutions throughout this post.

Also, remember all these apps might not be available on play store or app store, some of them you have to download from internet as an apk. So, always be careful while using any app.

I hope you are now clear on the topic of Instagram video download apps after reading our complete guide. If you even have any questions in your mind regarding this topic make sure to ask us through the comment box below.

FAQ: Instagram Video Download Apps

Have questions regarding Instagram video download applications? Look nowhere else. In this FAQ area, we answer frequently asked questions about these applications and offer explanations and tips to help you comprehend their features, legal status, and usage.

Q1. Can I download private Instagram videos with video download apps?

Ans: No, video download apps are typically unable to download private Instagram videos. These apps are designed to download public content only. However, some apps allow to download private videos by logging in to their account.

Q2. Can I download Instagram videos without using any app?

Ans: Yes, you can download Instagram videos without using any app. Various online services allow you to enter the video URL and download it directly. Simply copy the video link from Instagram and paste it into a trusted online video downloader to save the video.

Q3. How can I download Instagram videos without losing quality?

Ans: To download Instagram videos without losing quality, you can use a reputable video download app or online service that supports high-quality downloads. Ensure the app or service allows you to choose the video resolution and select the highest available option.

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