15+ Best Free Apps To Watch Live Football On iPhone

Football season is almost here, and life without a timely dose of our favorite football tournament is now unimaginable! According to Statista, the average viewership of the NFL season in America reaches 16.7 million yearly.  

Whether you are at work, commuting in a cab, or kids have simply hogged the family TV – now you can stay on top of the latest football lore from around the world and watch all the legendary matches using the best free app to watch live football on iPhone. Uninterrupted live telecast at all times, plus comprehensive scoreboards for a quick look- what can we possibly want? 

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Is It Legal To Watch Live Football For Free?

Many official streaming apps provide live football telecasts for free. They do this to attract new customers, and their primary source of income either comes from other subscriptions or donations/advertisements, etc. 

Watching Live football for free on sports streaming apps is legal as long as the sources can stream the content. 

Pirated sports streaming is illegal and should not be supported, as this form of streaming does not benefit our favorite players in any way.

It is also unlawful to watch any sports telecast that is streaming content that has been specifically copyrighted. This might include exclusive interviews, private tournaments, no-consent streaming, and more.

15 Best Free Apps To Watch Live Football On iPhone

The best free football streaming apps are lightweight, versatile, and easy to use. Let us look at some of these:

Free Live Football Streaming Apps For iPhoneGet The  App
BeSoccerClick Here
WatchESPNClick Here
CBS Sports App Scores & NewsClick Here
FotMobClick Here
Live Soccer TV Click Here
Live Football on TV Click Here
Premier League OfficialClick Here
9Goal – Football Live TVClick Here
BBC Sports Click Here
FOX Sports: Watch Live Click Here
NBC Sports Click Here
FIFA+ | Football EntertainmentClick Here
LiveScore: Live Sports ScoresClick Here
UEFA.tvClick Here
SuperSportClick Here

1. BeSoccer

BeSoccer is the Best Free App To Watch Live Football On iPhone

Inspired by classic international sports, BeSoccer covers all sports, from football to chess. It displays football scores in one glance and helps viewers monitor their watching habits by keeping track of all their favorite teams in one place.

Viewers can receive pop-up notifications to remind them of their famous tournament in the middle of a busy day. 

The app lets you read the latest player and team performance statistics for national football, international football, cricket, racing, and more.

This app is best for those who take sports journalism seriously. The user interface is simple and addictive, with several graphic features that the user can customize. It is a child-friendly app suited to kids aged eight and above!

2. WatchESPN

WatchESPN is the Best Free App To Watch Live Football On iPhone

Another website and app named after ESPN, everything from Life tournaments to interviews and reality TV, is aired on this platform. WatchESPN also has some original content that airs every year!

One of the best user interfaces on this list belongs to WatchESPN. A sports lover will delight at the number of star-based shows this app can bring us for free. The homepage is divided into sections like Live, Upcoming, Top Picks, Leagues, etc.

Wilson shoes are reserved for ESPN+; most classic football tournaments are always free. Watch short films, series, and content filtered by your chosen sport type on WatchESPN.  

3. CBS Sports App Scores & News

CBS Sports App Scores & News is the Best Free App To Watch Live Football On iPhone

Get content directly imported from CBS, CBS Sports Network, and Paramount+ that you can stream legally for free. 

As the name suggests, this is a one-stop application where you will find regular scoreboards and the latest news in short form.

High-quality live football, official news channels content like interviews and predictions, and timestamped live shows are all free. However, you might need a TV provider/Paramount+ login for the last bit.

The app lets you browse past dates to find the content you want. It comes with a great selection of suggested videos below each episode you are streaming. You can also set your feed according to your preferences and get a finely-tuned home page!

4. FotMob

FotMob is the Best Free App To Watch Live Football On iPhone

FotMob is one of the most popular free apps for following live football on iPhone. With over 100,000 ratings and an average of 4.9 stars in the App Store, FotMob provides fans with live scores, stats, fixtures, news, and video highlights. 

Users can easily follow their favorite teams and leagues to get real-time score updates and notifications about key events like goals scored. One of the best features of FotMob is the option to listen to live audio commentary for matches. 

The app also has well-designed team and player pages where you can view stats, compare players, and see season-by-season breakdowns. For football fans looking for a comprehensive, real-time experience on iPhone, FotMob is definitely one of the top choices to consider downloading.

5. Live Soccer TV

Live Soccer TV is the Best Free App To Watch Live Football On iPhone

Even when the Football season is not around, you can keep track of your favorite players and their lives, training, and treatment on this app. 

It is one of the most famous live soccer and rugby streaming applications for Android and IOS users. 

The platform is available to almost any country worldwide and has an expanded selection of over 4000 official channels.

When you open the app, you will come face to face with a timeline of all the scheduled events happening today. The official channels streaming the content will be listed just below the tournament’s name.

Easily find fixtures, upcoming schedules, and the latest football gossip on this app just by downloading and creating a free login.

6. Live Football on TV

Live Football on TV is the Best Free App To Watch Live Football On iPhone

This one is entirely dedicated to streaming live football, which means viewers are bombarded with facilities that are impossible to find on any other app. 

Live Football on TV is like a library of official channels, all legally available for users for free. Schedules, scoreboards, pop-up notifications, and tournament analysis tables released directly by experts fill this data-driven app’s homepage.

Because it is a UK-based app, it is more suitable for users who like to watch international sports.

International matches like Mexico U17 and Germany U17, Wolfsburg Women and SC Freiburg Women, etc, are niche-based tournaments generally unavailable to the public – but not anymore, thanks to Live Football On TV.

7. Premier League Official App

Premier League Official App is the Best Free App To Watch Live Football On iPhone

The US-based free TV shows and web series app Premier League is a curated platform where you can watch BeIN Sports, FOX, NBC, Soccer games worldwide, and so much more.

The app publishes detailed information about each player, including their net worth, personal life, career, etc. 

Dedicated especially to the Premier League, you can easily come online on this app and check information like weather reports, ticket prices and details, etc.

Not only can you watch the latest live football tournaments using Fubo, but you can even bookmark and categorize for future reference. 

The free app is not only dedicated to all kinds of football but also other sports. You can upload your own content on the app as a blogger, for which you will also receive content management assistance!

8. 9Goal – Football Live TV

9Goal - Football Live TV is the Best Free App To Watch Live Football On iPhone

One great option for watching live football on iPhone is the 9Goal – Football Live TV app. This free app provides live updates and streaming for football matches around the world. Users praise 9Goal for its reliable streams, easy interface, and quick goal alerts. 

With over 2,000 ratings and an average of 4.7 stars in the App Store, it’s a top choice for football fans. The app offers personalized news and notifications so you can easily keep up with your favorite teams. 

Whether you want to stream a full match or just get live score updates, 9Goal is a fantastic free app for football lovers. Its wide compatibility across iPhones, iPads, and Macs makes it very accessible. For a smooth and enjoyable live football streaming experience on iPhone, 9Goal – Football Live TV is definitely worth a download.

9. BBC Sports

BBC Sports is the Best Free App To Watch Live Football On iPhone

Did you know that the official sports guide and app from BBC iy completely free for both Android and IOS users?

Whether you want to quickly skim your eyes through your favorite tournament highlights or read detailed analysis on top performance, BBC is the channel you should go to for any international life football tournament.

As can be expected from this fantastic corporation, the app is always seamlessly working in the background and providing on-time notifications so that you can tune in to your favorite content. 

BBC also has a personalized page dedicated to all your favorite sports and caters content to your interest from the first use.

10. FOX Sports: Watch Live

FOX Sports Watch Live is the Best Free App To Watch Live Football On iPhone

If you have a satellite or cable provider bringing FOX Sports, you can download the lightweight app and transfer these rights to your iPhone.

Log in using your provider’s login credentials and get unlimited free access to American Sports. 

Everything from popular sports shows to sporting event highlights is now brought to you for free at FOX Sports. 

If you don’t have an authentic cable or satellite provider, you can type “Sports On Tubi’ on your web browser and get access to free FOX content, no questions asked.

11. NBC Sports

NBC Sports is the Best Free App To Watch Live Football On iPhone

An application launched by the official NBC channel, one download of this fantastic concept can give you free rights to watch live football entirely for free.

You only need to access NBC Sports with your cable or satellite provider’s login credentials!

Users can select their favorite teams, genres, and tournaments when signing up and receive a personalized home whenever they open their app for free! Content streamed in HD, speedy, and at times even original.

NBC Sports brings content about the latest rumors, behind-the-scenes for reality TV and entertainment shows, latest interview articles and short news articles, tournament statistics, scoreboard, and, of course, uninterrupted match streaming.

12. FIFA+ | Football Entertainment

FIFA+ | Football Entertainment is the Best Free App To Watch Live Football On iPhone

Undoubtedly, one of the best apps for live football available in the market, FIFA+, is compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and even Apple TV.

The video streaming service is dedicated to one main tournament, however, which – no crap – happens to be FIFA+. Regular updates about different players and predictions about the next game are always available here.

However, World Cup games, replays of classic matches, international U17 sports, etc., are updated on this platform when the FIFA season is out. 

All content is HD, and the user interface will readily remind you of premium streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime. Biographies, social documentaries, and classic Sports TV shows are still aired on this app.

13. LiveScore: Live Sports Scores

LiveScore Live Sports Scores is the Best Free App To Watch Live Football On iPhone

Get detailed information about each match of a tournament while you are streaming it all, thanks to the unique user interface of this app.

Compatible with iOS 11 and above, this is another one-stop destination for sports lovers who can save time on nagging advertisements or buffering videos. 

The app is known for its unique match commentary. It follows the necessary analysis of players and coaches and upcoming fixtures, present scores, corners, assists, cards, etc.

You can also quickly preview past matches while waiting for the present one to start and get updated on everything you have missed.

14. UEFA.tv

UEFA.tv is the Best Free App To Watch Live Football On iPhone

Dedicated to the UEFA championships, you can get detailed information about all players, youth competitions, and reruns in one place, and that too for free.

Apart from UEFA, however, the app also focuses on the Europa League, European Qualifiers, and similar international events, all of which are classic to world football.

The user interface is, by nature, informative and easy to navigate for users of all ages. You will find exclusive interviews, daily life snippets, and biofilms dedicated to legendary players on this platform.

If quality matters to you, switch to UEFA.tv for streaming!

15. SuperSport

SuperSport is the Best Free App To Watch Live Football On iPhone

SuperSport DStv Now App is home to football, rugby, golf, cricket, tennis, Formula 1 racing, motorcycle racing, etc. It covers all recent news about star Sports persons on its user-friendly interface through small, creative articles produced originally.

The app was launched in October 2020 and has many features not found in other competitors.

SuperSports streams the Premier League, Vodacom Super Rugby, Unlocked, DStv Premiership, etc, at no extra cost. 

Enhanced AI-inspired search button makes sure you get to your chosen content in no time. 

It is worth a try!

Can I Record Football Games on my iPhone?

Yes, recording live football games on an iPhone for free is possible. There are many ways to do this, and once you have these recordings in place, you can switch them on and revisit the game from last night!

Several screen recording apps exist for free that can easily convert content for upto 120 minutes at a time, including all internal audio. A few free streaming apps also come with additional recording and downloading features, though a few will require you to download the app. 

According to Softronic, such apps that let viewers download football for free include Football TV Live, GTV Live, BingSport – Football Live, and many more. 

Wrap Up On Best Free App To Watch Live Football On iPhone

Many fantastic football streaming apps provide viewers with free HD-quality live football tournaments, insightful commentary, and the latest football news. 

Many of these apps offer similar services for other sports as well – relive the general enthusiasm for outdoor sports once again! 

Which among the apps above met your criteria of the best free app to watch live football on an iPhone? Let us know in the comments, and remember to share about past experiences with football streaming.

FAQ: Best Free App To Watch Live Football On iPhone

Do you still have some queries about the free live football apps listed above? Go through these popular questions and see if your fellow readers think the same as you!

Q1. Where can I watch live football on iPhone for free without ads?

Ans: Several apps, like WatchESPN, Live Soccer TV, etc, allow users to watch live football with minimal ads.

Q2. Which sports app is good for checking football scores on the iPhone?

Ans: Many football streaming apps have impressive scoreboards that viewers can use to check scores quickly. Two of these are ESPN ScoreCenter and CBS Sports App.

Q3. Is there a free live football streaming app on Android and IOS?

Ans: Apps that stream live football on both Android and iOS include the CBS Scores App, iFlix, Live Soccer TV, etc.

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