How To Download Disney+ Hotstar In Laptop (Windows 11): Step-By-Step Guide!

Disney+ Hotstar is the best video streaming platform which offers entertainment content from all across the world. Therefore, you can watch live sports, TV sports, and movies just simply from your device.

According to the reports of techviral.net, disney+ hotstar is available for Android and iPhone users for streaming videos. While pc users can also use the application to watch videos on their windows.

But, If you are unable to download Disney+ Hotstar on your latest Windows. There are lots of methods that can help you to run the application on your laptop. Therefore, to solve this problem one must know how to download disney+ hotstar.

In this article, we have discussed the ways to make your portable entertainment a little more portable. So, read this article completely to know how to download Disney+ Hotstar on your laptop.

Why Do You Need To Download Disney+ Hotstar On A Laptop 

There are various reasons that make it important why you need to download Disney+ Hotstar on a laptop. So, here we have shared some important points below which will let you know all about it.

  • Big Screen: Using Disney+ Hotstar on your laptop allows streaming content to be enjoyed on your big screen. This makes you enjoy and be entertained with your favorite content. So, this is what can be good to download on your laptop.
  • Enjoy together: Playing video content on a laptop makes the area of space to share watching with others. Many times you are discussing a movie or want to watch it together with your family. Then, this becomes a good option to watch on a laptop.
  • Best Performance: The Windows version greatly makes customization and performs well allowing a good interface. If you are using a high internet speed enjoy an unlimited plan. Then, you can run your content in the best quality which runs smoothly and makes a great performance to watch.
  • Easy and Compatible: Using the disney+ hotstar application provides easy accessibility to the options. If you face eye-visible problems or are not comparable to watching on your phone. Then, the viewers can watch on a laptop which is good and safe making it compatible for the users.

How To Download Disney+ Hotstar: Easy Steps To Do! 

It can be a difficult situation if you don’t know how to run Hotstar on your Windows 11. To sort out the problem in downloading the application. Therefore, we have provided easy steps by which you can download Disney+ Hotstar on a laptop.

1. Open The Internet Browser

Open The Internet Browser on how to download Disney+ Hotstar

First, you need to open an internet browser on your windows. Also, make sure that your windows are connected to the internet. Therefore, Internet browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, internet browser, or any other can be used.

Here, we will do this with the help of Google Chrome. Now, open Google Chrome from your windows. The homepage opens on Google Chrome browser. Here, you need to search by Disney+ Hotstar.

2. Visit Hotstar’s Official Website

Visit Hotstar's Official Website on how to download Disney+ Hotstar

After opening the homepage on Google Chrome, you need to search by typing Disney+ Hotstar and then clicking on Google Search. Now, you will see many results displayed in the browser. Therefore, you need to visit the official website.

You can verify by visiting Hotstar’s official website by clicking on www.hotstar.com. This way, it opens the homepage of hotstar’s official website and you can do the further process.

3. Click On Three Dots In The Browser

Click on three dots in the Browser to download Disney+ Hotstar

Image Credit: hotstar.com

From here, we have to make the main changes to run hotstar as an application. From the homepage of hotstar, move the mouse cursor to the top right corner by clicking on the three dots of the browser.

Now, you will see various settings where you have to make the necessary changes. These settings are very useful to do most of the settings. So, It’s simple as you can easily make the changes which need to be done.

Youtube Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3suUHBbMADE&ab_channel=TechGeeker

4. See For More Tools Option

See For More Tools Option to download Disney+ Hotstar

Image Credit: hotstar.com

After clicking on three dots which is at the top right corner of the browser. Many settings are being displayed and you can make many changes from here. Therefore, we will be making the changes just in a few seconds.

In our case, we just have to use hotstar as an application. So, you need to move your mouse cursor for more tool options. The more tool options are visible at dawn. After seeing the option, you need to click on the Create shortcut option.

5. Create A Shortcut For Hotstar

Create a Shortcut for Hotstar to download Disney+ Hotstar

Image Credit: hotstar.com

Now, the Create shortcut menu appears on your Windows screen. We have to create a shortcut for hotstar to open just by clicking from the desktop as an icon. Here, we will be doing the important setting for creating a shortcut for hotstar just in some time.

This way, you don’t have to do many things. You have to simply leave the name as it is or you can change the name accordingly. Here, you need to create a shortcut menu as you need to tick mark on the box of open as a window option by clicking on it and then click on create.

6. Login To Disney+ Hotstar

Login To Disney+ Hotstar after to download Disney+ Hotstar

This way, you successfully created the shortcut of disney+ hotstar. The disney+ hotstar shortcut icon will be created and displayed on the Windows home screen. So, simply open the application by clicking on the Disney+ Hotstar application.

To log in to disney+ hotstar, you need to click on the My Space option which is displayed on the left side of the screen. Now, click on the log-in option and you need to enter the phone number by verifying through Otp.

7. Enjoy using Disney+ Hotstar 

Finally, you logged in to your Disney+ Hotstar application from your windows. This is the way you can enjoy using disney+ hotstar to watch live sports, TV, and movies. Therefore, you can watch anything you want on the platform.

This is the shortcut way to simply open disney+ hotstar by clicking from the desktop of your windows. Also, this is a method you can do the same process to do with many other applications that you want to shortcut on a desktop.

Why Hotstar Doesn’t Work On My Phone 

It happens many times that you are trying to open hotstar and the application crashes to open. This happens due to many reasons which make hotstar an unsuccessful start. Therefore, you need to perform useful tasks to make it run on your device.

For this, you must try to update the software if any update needs to be done. The update fixes any bugs or problems encountered by the application. If this doesn’t work then there might be an issue due to slow internet. So, you need to have a good internet connection to run hotstar smoothly on your device.

On the other hand, you must free up space on your device if your device is full. Free up space on your storage helps to keep your application functioning properly without any kind of abnormal shutdown during video streaming.

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How Many Downloads Does The Hotstar App Have 

The hotstar user can download unlimited files as there is no limit to downloading them. But, there are specific video quality kept to download for premium and super plan users. Therefore, the downloaded video quality is based mainly on your plan and you can download the files in that video quality for unlimited.

On the other, you must be aware that the downloaded content which you download may expire when your plan is over. Also, clearing the cache and reinstalling the hotstar application may lead to removing your downloaded video content.

Can We Use Disney Hotstar On 2 Devices 

Yes, you can use disney+ hotstar on 2 or more devices. But the no. of users to use mainly depends on the specific subscription plan you have recharged. Therefore, each plan varies the number of users to use the application.

How To Download Disney+ Hotstar In Laptop

Pic Credit- YourStory.com

For the premium subscription plan, the hotstar application can be used simultaneously with 4 devices. Hotstar application can be used in 2 devices with the super subscription plan. While only a single user can use hotstar at a time with mobile.

Is There Any Additional Measure Which Can Help To Download Disney+ Hotstar 

Yes, there is an additional measure that can help to download Disney+ Hotstar on a laptop. You can use emulators to download Disney+ Hotstar. Therefore, there are various emulators on the market for the users to download.

The most popular BlueStacks can be used to download the application on your laptop. Bluestack helps users easily download and run simple applications on Android devices. So, you need to download Bluestack on your Windows from the official website.

So, just download and install the bluestack. Then, you need to set up BlueStacks by signing in with a Google account to install the disney+ hotstar application from the Google Play Store by connecting through the internet.

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Wrap Up On How To Download Disney+ Hotstar In Laptop

Here, we discussed the important things that you need to know about downloading disney+ hotstar and more related things. Therefore, you will find much information if you have gone through this article completely.

Disney+ hotstar application helps to enjoy various entertainment content from all across the world. Also, the application greatly makes our time quite entertaining to enjoy together when you run on the laptop.

There is also a method to install hotstar+ disney by visiting the Microsoft Store in your Windows 11. For installation, you may require a Microsoft account. If you don’t have one, then you can create a Microsoft account to install the application on your Windows.

We hope this article helped you to know how to download Disney+ Hotstar on your laptop. Lastly, you can drop any questions or doubts that you have in your mind in the comment section.

FAQ: How To Download Disney+ Hotstar In Laptop 

Most people while looking through various ways on how to download disney+ hotstar also have some questions related to it. Here, we have found some of the important questions by answering them to know many things related to the topic.

Q1. Is Disney+ Hotstar available for free for the users?

Ans: Yes, there is content that is available for free for the users such as Star Plus shows, popular movies, previews, and highlights of sports. If you want to access additional content. Therefore, you have to pay for the subscription plan.

Q2. Can the users download disney hotstar on TV?

Ans: Yes, the user can download disney hotstar on their Android tv. You can simply search disney+ hotstar application on the Google Store to download the application. Therefore, you can enjoy watching the content on your TV.

Q3. How to download disney+ hotstar easily on your phone?

Ans: It involves the simple process of downloading disney+ hotstar easily on your phone. You need to simply search and download the disney+ hotstar application from your Google Play Store. Therefore, the Apple App Store is for iOS device users.

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