5 Ways On How To Clean iPhone Microphone: Imrpove Your iPhone Sound Quality!

iPhone has become the world’s top choice in premium quality phones. The main reason behind purchasing a phone is to contact other people both via call and message. While using an iPhone microphone is a must but what if the microphone is not working?

As per the reports of Statista, 47 percent of the whole Apple’s revenue is from iPhone sales. As iPhone sales are increasing daily and your phone may even cause a microphone problem, it becomes necessary to know how to clean iPhone microphone.

The problem of the microphone can be easily solved by going to a repair cost but handing your iPhone to strangers might put your personal privacy at risk and can also cost you a higher amount of money.

So, in this article, we have given you the best working 5 ways to clean your iPhone’s microphone and in case you still have problems with your iPhone microphone then we have even helped you to discover the actual problem with the microphone of your iPhone.

So, let’s get started.

Knowing The Location Of The iPhone Microphone

Before you test out all 5 working ways to clean your iPhone’s microphone you must know its exact location of it. This is because many of you get confused with the speaker and microphone.

The iPhone’s microphone is located near the speaker itself but is very small-round in shape. It is located in the bottom-left, here you will find a small but round opening to the very left of the charging port.

In case you find no microphone there then the iPhone;s microphone will be at the back of the phone. You have to always keep in mind that the microphone of an iPhone is a delicate part of the phone so you have to always handle it with care.

5 Different Ways On How To Clean iPhone Microphone

All the ways listed below are perfectly working to clean your iPhone’s microphone. The only reason behind giving you 5 different ways is, if you find a problem with any of the ways then you can test out the other one.

1. Cleaning The Microphone With Soft Materials

Soft materials do not mean all types of cloth materials. There are a few types of cloth materials that are fit for cleaning all the delicate parts of the screen without giving any damage to it.

The very known soft material that is used to clean delicate parts of a phone like a screen, lens, etc… is a microfiber cloth. You can use this same microfiber cloth to clean your iPhone’s microphone.

You have to just rub gently the cloth on the microphone repeatedly. This will not only remove the dirt or dust lying on your microphone but also remove the bacteria and other organisms which will protect you from diseases.

Use Soft Materials to clean iPhone microphone.

2. Using A ToothPick, ToothBrush, And Earbud

A Toothpick, toothbrush, and an earbud are all a bit long and accordingly sharp and pointer substances. These are easily available in all the stores in the market so that you can get them easily.

If you are using toothpicks make sure that it is not so pointed that it gets completely inside the microphone and damages the delicate part of it. Toothbrushes are not so pointed and are thin but make sure that they are not dirty.

In case you are using an earbud then try to sharpen it a bit at the above with a sharpener so that it gets pointed and removes the dust. While using these objects, gently apply pressure on them and rub them a bit.

Using A Toothbrush to clean iPhone microphone.

3. Blowing Air On The Microphone

Using different clothes and other sharp and pointed substances does not clean the microphone completely in case the dust particles are very small in size. But by blowing air on the microphone the small dust particles can easily be removed.

You can blow the air from your mouth or even can use a machine to blow the air. If you are using a machine then make sure that the air pressure by the machine is not so more. While blowing the air, keep your mouth or the machine blowing air a bit far.

You do have not to use this way to clean your iPhone microphone in case there are water droplets gone inside the microphone. This is because blowing the air in case of water droplets in it might cause water to enter the inner parts of the phone and damage them.

4. Using Sticky Tapes To Remove The Dust

The main motive behind cleaning the iPhone;s microphone is just removing the dust. So, we are going to try all the different ways to remove the dust from the microphone of your iPhone.

If you go just search for sticky tapes in the market of your place or at an online store you get it in very less amount. You have to just buy and open and stick on the microphone of your iPhone. 

After sticking the tape leave it for a few times and remove it. You can even consider shaking your phone a bit after sticking the tape so that the dust gets stuck to the tape and when you peel it off the dust also gets peeled.

Using Sticky Tapes to clean iPhone microphone.

5. Apple Support

After trying out all the ways to remove dust from the microphone of your iPhone if it still does not work then this is the last way but a very working one. You can easily describe the problem with the microphone to apple support by going to their website or app.

And they will guide you online and still if the problem does not solve you can even fix a genius bar appointment with them and there they will solve your issue free of cost. In case there is a major problem with the microphone they may charge you a bit by informing you.

Going to apple support is quite risk-free than going to a third-party repair shop in the market. Because the apple support team is well-trained and you will not even have any issues related to the privacy of your phone.

Contact Apple Support to clean the iPhone microphone.

Discovering The Actual Problem With The Microphone Of iPhone

Sometimes the microphone of your iPhone might not even work due to other reasons. It is very important to figure out the actual problem with the microphone because only cleaning it does not work.

To figure out the problem you have to remember all the things and damages that happened to your iPhone in the past. Your iPhone speaker or charging port might be damaged before and while repairing it the microphone also got damaged.

In case there are water droplets in the microphone then you have to just warm it with the hot breeze of the sunlight. Never try to blow air into the microphone in case you find any water droplets in it.

Discovering the actual problem with the microphone must not be difficult but still if you have a problem with it then consider going near apple support and they will surely fix your problem with the microphone.

Why Are People Not Able To Hear From My iPhone’s Microphone?

As shared before, phones are mainly used for calling other people who are far from us. You might sometimes face that other people are not able to hear your voice but their voice of them is clear.

The reason behind this may also be due to the version or different settings of your phone. To solve this issue consider upgrading your iPhone to the latest version and checking all your settings.

In settings, go to the call settings and make sure that the microphone option is set to the maximum limit. If still your problem is not solved then see that nothing is covered by the microphone and you hold your phone properly while speaking to the person.

The Best Alternative Ways When Your Microphone Is Not Working

Sometimes you might not have enough time to solve the microphone issue of your iPhone. In this case, you can try different ways by which you can continue communicating and solve the issue later.

The first way is to connect earphones wired or wireless to your iPhone. All the Bluetooth devices have a built-in microphone, so you can use these devices as a mic and continue communicating.

The second method you can try is communicating through text messages. You can use different messaging apps such as Whatsapp, SMS service, Instagram, Facebook, and many more and easily communicate via texting.

Wrap Up How To Clean iPhone Microphone

This post was practical when you try out all the ways. If you want to prevent your iPhone’s microphone from getting damaged then always take care of it.

It is always recommended to clean your device once a month and look after each part whether it is working or not by testing it. You can even consider resetting all the network settings to solve your microphone issue.

I hope you find this post very helpful as well as informative, if you have any doubts or issues related to how to clean an iPhone microphone then kindly consider dropping a comment below in the comment box and we will try to reply to you very soon.

FAQ: How To Clean iPhone Microphone

While researching this topic on the internet in order to give you the best possible ways to clean your iPhone microphone, we found many issues that people are facing which are not yet solved. So, below I have cleared a few common issues of the people:-

Q1. Are the iPhone microphone and speakers together?

Ans: iPhone’s microphone and speaker are almost together but they are not joined. The iPhone’s microphones are situated at different places according to the product but the speaker is always situated at the bottom of the phone.

Q2. How to fix a muffled voice while talking on the iPhone?

Ans: The listener sometimes may even hear a muffled voice from your side while speaking. This may be due to the case that you are using or the way you hold your phone. So, make sure that the cases are far from the microphone.

Q3. Can I use the same ways to clean my iPhone speaker?

Ans: Yes, you can try all the ways of cleaning the microphone of your iPhone to clean your iPhone’s speaker. In add-on to that, you can even consider vibrating the speaker with the help of sound.

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