What Are The Must-Have iPhone Apps? Why?

iPhone sales are touching the skies nowadays. iPhone is known for its most easy and most professional interface. But iPhone is still incomplete to the users as compared to Android but it can be made complete by installing external apps which are very useful.

As per the reports of Statista, App Store consists of more than 3.75 million apps excluding the gaming ones. So, having a very large amount of apps makes it a user difficult to choose the best one from those it becomes necessary to know the must-have iPhone apps.

There are millions of apps on the iPhone but knowing which one is useful for you becomes difficult. So, in this post, you will be aware of the most useful apps on your iPhone that you must have.

In add-on to this, I have even covered different questions that might come up in your mind regarding iPhone apps and their usage.

So, let’s get started.

Why You Should Have Some Must-Have Apps On Your iPhone?

Before knowing the importance of downloading must-have iPhone apps you should have already installed the basic apps which every user must have. The basic apps are the apps that are required for daily usage.

First of all, the most important apps are the communication apps that are by default but still, you should choose them wisely. The next app is an internet browser and social media apps or the apps that are required for your profession.

The importance of more iPhone apps is just to make you feel open and allow you to explore and do new things on the iPhone as shared briefly in the very starting.

The apps will allow making your working with iPhone very easy and no more you will be bored with your boring phone.

Top 7 Must-Have iPhone Apps

iPhone has millions of apps that are downloadable for its users. All of them are useful but not for all, some are for professionals, some for gamers, and some are useful for all types of people. 

It becomes very difficult to categorize and know the use of the apps that can be useful to all so, below I have listed the free and best 7 iPhone apps with their detailed use and the problem they solve so kindly go through each below thoroughly:-

1. iMovie (Video Editing App)

iMovie is a professional app that Apple provides so that users can do professional-level editing easily for a free app. This app was launched in the App Store in 2010 and this app is still only available for iOS users.

Videos are the most trending ways to share knowledge, and creativity and entertain users so with this app you can easily edit videos like a pro by just using a phone which will make your video more unique.

To download this app, you have to just go to the App Store on your iPhone and search for iMovie and install this app on your phone. This app provides different features like Magic Movie, Story Boards, Cinematic Mode, Create Movies, different filters, and many more.

iMovie is a great app among the must-have iPhone apps

2. VSCO (Photo Editing App)

VSCO is a photo editing app that will provide all the features to make your photos look unique among all. This app has quite unique interface but it works as pro software. Apple’s photo editing is known to be better but only for those who do very basic editing.

But those who would like to make their image more interesting can use the VSCO app. VSCO was launched in 2012 for both Android and iOS devices. You can upload images here directly from your phone’s camera roll.

This app has different sections of using like Studio, Editing, Savin, Profile, Share, Capture, etc… In this app, you can edit pictures by using Presets or create your own with a Toolkit. You can directly export your edited image to your camera roll and also post it on VSCO.

VSCO is a photo editing app that is a great app among the must-have iPhone apps

3. Top Widgets (Add Widgets to your home screen)

Top widget is a popular app on App Store. By using this app you can personalize your home screen and add a unique look by placing some widgets, setting different wallpaper, and changing app icons.

iOS is very minimal and simplified but it can still be made a bit attractive. In the older days, if you would like to change any app icon, you would download it from the internet use a third-party app, and then change the icon.

But with this app it has become very simple, you just need to install and choose a favicon of your choice. This app also has a vast collection of widgets and wallpapers which are very attractive and convert your boring iPhone to an interesting one.

Top widget is a popular app on App Store that is a good app among the must-have iPhone apps

4. Best Extension Apps For Safari Browser

Safari is the default and a very useful browser to search on the internet online. But while using the Safari browser you can add some extensions and make your online search a bit more powerful.

The most irritating thing while surfing on the Internet is ads but you can block these ads by just downloading an app extension named “Ad Guard” from the App Store.

If you want to browse terms from different countries then you can use a secure VPN extension app named “Clario”.

There are still many more extensions that you can get by going to Settings > Safari > Extensions > More Extension. To add a third-party extension launch Settings > Safari > Under General tap on “Content Blockers” > Toggle on or off on the extensions.

Best Extension Apps For Safari Browser that is a good app among the must-have iPhone apps

5. Aesthetic Kit (Make Your Phone Look Different)

Aesthetic Kit is a trending app where you will find tons of wallpapers, app icons, and widgets. Unlike the “Top WIdgets” app here you can find the widgets for your lock screen as well as your home screen.

So that you can see the necessary functions without even unlocking your phone. This app has different designs to personalized customize your iPhone like modern, neon, minimal, vintage, and many more.

In this app, you can not only use the default wallpapers, widgets, and icons but also make one on the app itself which is more customizable.

This app is totally free to download and partially free to use. In the free version, this app provides a great user experience and allows users to use different functions quite freely.

But if you choose the paid version you can get even more features with an aesthetic look of your phone.

Aesthetic Kit is a Great app among the must-have iPhone apps

6. MIXCam(Use Your front and Rear camera at once with different mods)

MIXCam is an app by which you enable your phone camera to use the front and rear cameras at once. But this is not limited to only that you can even live stream from here, use green screen effects and amble different mods while using both cameras at once.

By using this app you will not have to hand over your phone to a stranger to take a group photo of your group.

This is because here you will find different options regarding the group photo so that the person who is taking the photo and the group can be seen at once.

This app is amazing for vloggers who are on a Livestream and want to show their front and back camera view at once without the help of external software.

This app offers still more features such as motion blur in real-time, live streaming on Facebook, etc…

MIXCam (Use Your front and Rear camera at once with different mods) is a Great app among the must-have iPhone apps

7. Watch Faces By Facer (Best Watch Faces For Your SmarthWatch)

After smartphones, smartwatches are the most common thing that people use. There are very limited good brands that sell the best smartwatch at affordable prices.

There are tons of watch faces that each company provides to its users to make their watches unique. But the watch faces provided by the default company are not very attractive or unique.

So, the app “Watch Faces By Facer” will fulfill the need for a dedicated watch faces app and has thousands of watch faces that will make your watch look more unique and attractive.

This app is the leading watch face customization and it provides customization to brands such as Apple Watch, Wear OS, and Samsung Watches.

Here you can not only use the preset watch faces but also make one for your watch with the option of a background photo.

Watch Faces By Facer (Best Watch Faces For Your SmarthWatch) is a good app among the must-have iPhone apps

Which Apps Are Better, Free Or Paid For An iPhone?

There is no perfect answer to the question that using a paid app is more advantageous than a free app for an iPhone. This is because it truly depends on the designer and the owner who creates and uploads the app to the App Store of the iPhone.

Many apps provide a very interesting service to their users without taking a single penny from them. But some apps charge an amount to provide their outstanding service of downloading the apps.

You will find many of the apps provide an interface that might be paid for them but they serve it free for the users. But these apps instead of charging you directly place some ads on their app and generate revenue through it.

Does My Phone’s Performance And Security Get Affected By Downloading Third-Party Apps?

Your phone’s performance might be affected by downloading third-party apps and sometimes you have to even sacrifice your privacy by doing this. This is because when you download a third-party app, the app gets access to your phone.

So, now the app can access your whole phone’s storage, data, and information you have shared with different apps such as google, WhatsApp, FaceBook, etc…

But you can avoid this by tightening your phone’s security and installing apps from reputed sources only.

The apps present in the App Store are safer from this risk because all the apps are gone through checks so that there is no loss for the user whether it is of security or privacy.

It is always recommended to go through reviews and details given below each app before installing it.

Does Apps Work Better Than Websites?

Yes, apps are better than websites in all the ways like performance, security, efficiency, functioning, and privacy. This is because all the data of the app is stored internally in a phone’s storage.

But when you use websites all the data of the site is stored in the cloud so it becomes some time problematic to get the data from the server and show it to the users.

Wrap Up On Must-Have iPhone Apps

iPhone is one of the best operating systems in terms of providing good performance to users. iPhone might be a bit more limited than Android but it is so that iPhone cares more about the safety of the data than the functionality.

The watch faces app is limited to a few companies only but you can use it on any watch by downloading the watch face and importing it into your watch with the help of your default app of the smartwatch on your phone.

I hope you found this post very informative and helpful and if you have any doubts regarding must-have iPhone apps then kindly don’t forget to write a comment below and we will be helpful to answer you back.

FAQ: Must-Have iPhone Apps

While researching this topic on the internet to provide you with the best apps on your phone, I found many questions from people, and many of them were yet unanswered so, just go through the below questions and find your answer:-

Q1. Do all the above apps are helpful for everyone?

Ans: I have tried to list the best apps that can be used by the majority of the users. But still, all of them might not be helpful for you because it depends on the person-to-person needs. So, I would like to recommend and once use the apps that you liked.

Q2. Can a user install all these apps on a newly bought iPhone?

Ans: No, it is highly recommended to first fully set up your new iPhone for your personal use and use it for a few days. After a few days, you will find some problems on your phone which can be cleared using these apps.

Q3. Which is the most downloaded app on smartphones?

Ans: Whatsapp is the #1 downloaded app on smartphones. It is because WhatsApp is a messaging app and it is so user-friendly this is the reason why most people prefer WhatsApp as their communication app.

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