3 Secret Tips On How To Call Someone Without Showing Your Number

Smartphones usually connect us to our friends and families, however, not everyone you call needs your phone number or should have your number. And the choice is up to you to make the right decision. 

According to the report of the Pew Research Center, the average adult cell phone owner makes and receives around 5 voice calls per day. And you could be making any work-related calls, or you might be calling a company you aren’t sure whether to trust or not. 

Because of that, you should know how to call someone without showing your number, as you might not want to risk letting your phone number fall into the wrong hands. So, you need to block your number from appearing on the other end when you make a call. 

In this article, we have shared 3 easy and simple tips on how to call someone without showing your number to disable your caller ID and make anonymous phone calls. Also, here we have covered why you should hide your number while making a call. 

So, let’s get started. 

Why You Are Getting Calls With No Number Showing Up

When you see a call from “No Caller ID” appear on your mobile screen, it means that the person who is calling you doesn’t want to show their number or has stopped their number from being visible to you. 

It also means that they purposely want to hide their contact information from you, so that you could not trace their number or call back that person. 

However, you might not know who is actually calling you, but you do know that they don’t want you to have their contact information.

And in most cases, these “No Caller ID” calls could be coming from a telemarketer who is trying to sell you something or an individual who wants to call you without you seeing their number for some reason. 

How To Hide Your Number When Making Calls: 3 Useful Tips!

You might not want a call back, so you don’t want to show your number while calling someone. But, you might not know the right process to do it. Here we have shared 3 quick and easy tips on how to call someone without showing your number.   

1. Using *67 To Hide Your Phone Number

The easiest way to hide or block your phone number is to dial *67 before the phone number you want to call. 

So, if you are using this method to hide your caller ID from someone saved in your contacts, then first you would need to make a note of their number or you can copy that to the clipboard.

Then just type or paste the number into the phone app manually and dial *67 at the beginning of it. For example, if you want to hide your phone number while calling 012-345-6789, then you should dial *67-012-345-6789. 

Because when you use *67 before a phone number to call someone, then you will usually show up as No Caller ID, Private, Blocked, or something like that on their mobile device.

Use *67 To Hide Your Phone Number to call someone without showing your number

Also, using this method to call someone is an excellent way to check if they have blocked your number or not.  And it is also completely free to use *67, so you can use it as often as you like. 

However, you need to dial *67 before the phone number every time you want to hide your number while making a call. So, if you want to block your number for every single call, then you should look for other options. 

2. Contact Your Cell Carrier To Block Your Caller ID 

Different devices might have different processes for blocking your phone number, and it can be really difficult to hide your number on a per-call basis. 

That is where your wireless carrier can help you. Also, if you could not find an option to block your number or hide your caller ID in your phone’s settings, then you can block it directly with your cell carrier.

And most carriers usually don’t let you block your number in your device settings, however, they might allow you to do so using their own app. 

But, if still your problem is not solved, then you would need to call your carrier to ask them to block your number. 

You can connect to your carrier by calling 611 and you should tell the recording you want to speak to “customer support” or “technical support.” 

And you should remember that blocking your number this way hides your caller ID for every call you make. And if you want to ignore this and show your phone number for a particular call, then you need to add *82 to the beginning of the phone number.

3. Use A Burner Number App To Get A Second Number On The Same Phone

You should know that blocking your number and hiding your caller ID is definitely not the only way to maintain privacy while making phone calls. 

Because you can also use a burner number instead. And you might need a burner app if you don’t want to spend your time in phone or carrier settings. 

These apps generally use your internet data to make calls and effectively give your phone a second number to use. 

And there are hundreds of burner apps available that you can download for iOS or Android devices. So, now you can easily use a burner number app to get a second number on the same phone

Burner is one of the most popular apps on iOS and Android devices and you can use this app to route your calls directly to your secondary number. 

It means that you don’t even need to bother hiding it. And this app generally comes with a 7-day free trial and costs $5 per line per month after the trial period.

Use A Burner Number App to call someone without showing your number

How To Hide Your Caller ID On Your Phone

You can easily block your phone number and hide your caller ID for every call you make just by changing the settings on your mobile device. It would make you show up as No Caller ID, Private, or Blocked to everyone you call.

1. Hide Your Caller ID On An iPhone

If you have an iPhone, then you can automatically block your number just by adjusting one simple setting in your device. 

So, you can follow these steps to block your caller ID on an iPhone easily. First, you can open the Settings app and then scroll down to click on the Phone option.

After that, just click on Show My Caller ID, and then turn the toggle off to hide your number. You can use the toggle switch to show or hide your number according to your requirement. 

However, some cell carriers usually don’t allow you to block your caller ID from your device. Then, you have to contact your cell carrier to do this.  

2. Blocking Your Caller ID On An Android Device

Depending on your Android device, this process could vary. Here are two common ways to block your caller ID on your Android phone. First, you need to launch the Phone app and then open the Menu in the top-right corner. 

Now go to Settings and then to Supplementary Services. Also, depending on your Android device, you might need to go to Calls > Additional Settings.

Blocking your Caller ID on an Android Device to call someone without showing your number

Then, just click on Show my caller ID and choose Hide number from the popup menu. However, if this method doesn’t work for you, then you can try a different process. 

First, open the Phone app and then tap Menu > Settings. Now, you need to select Calling accounts and then click on your carrier name under Settings

After that, choose Additional settings and tap Caller ID. Then, click on the Hide number to block it every time.

Why You Should Consider Blocking Your Number When Making A Call

It is not easy to protect your phone number from scammers and spammers. Because, if you get a call from an unknown number, then most of the time you want to ensure that you know who it is. 

And also calling back can put you on their call list and you can receive more such annoying calls. Because of that, there are a lot of reasons why you should consider blocking your number before making an outbound call. 

So, you can block your number when you want to call back a number you don’t recognize and also you can block your number or hide your caller ID to keep your number out of the hands of hackers. 

Wrap Up On Call Someone Without Showing Your Number

You should know that even if you follow all of the steps above to hide your caller ID, you can’t hide your phone number from everyone. Because certain people can always see who is calling, which includes 911 and toll-free numbers.

And there are also some third-party apps available that allow you to find out who is behind a blocked number. 

If someone uses one of these apps, then even if you try to hide your caller ID, they might know it’s you calling, so you need to be careful of these things. 

We hope that this article was helpful to you and has answered all your queries about how to call someone without showing your number.  And if you liked this article, then please share your opinions in the comments below. 

FAQ: Call Someone Without Showing Your Number

Many people want to hide their caller ID and block their number while making a call for different reasons and they have lots of questions about it. Here we have answered some of the most commonly asked questions about this topic.

Q1. How Do I Change My Caller ID Name?

Ans: To change your caller ID name, first you need to open the Phone app on your Android device and then tap the “More” icon in the upper-right corner of the screen. After that, select “Settings,” and then tap “Call Settings”. Now go to “Additional Settings” and then finally select “Caller ID” to change the caller ID name.

Q2. Does Caller ID Show My Name?

Ans: The caller ID is usually the first and last name that is attached to your wireless phone number. And it is generally displayed to the person receiving your call.

Q3. Can Police Trace No Caller ID?

Ans: It might be possible for police to do this because any caller ID blocking function is generally defeated when you call the police- it can be on the emergency lines or on the non-emergency lines. And they can see the number that you are using to dial them.

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