7 Best Apps & Websites To Convert YouTube To MP3: Simple & Easy Process!

YouTube is definitely one of the most popular video-streaming websites in the world. A lot of people across the world generally watch their favorite TV programs, shows, music videos, and movies on YouTube each and every day. 

According to the report of Hootsuite, YouTube has around 1.7 billion unique monthly visitors. However, sometimes you might want to listen to music on YouTube while you are traveling or you are at your work and don’t have a Wi-Fi connection.  

In that case, if you know how to convert YouTube to MP3 and download the audio file to your device, it can really help you. Because then you can easily access your favorite music, interviews, and other YouTube videos offline. 

In this article, we have shared 7 apps and websites to convert YouTube to MP3 on different devices so that you can now effortlessly listen to all your favorite songs and other YouTube music videos offline. Also, here we have discussed whether it is legal to convert YouTube videos to MP3 format. 

So, let’s get started.  

Is It Legal To Convert Any YouTube Video To MP3

Before you convert any YouTube video to MP3, an important question can come to your mind whether it is legal or not. 

You should know that you cannot convert any video to MP3 if the material is copyrighted because it means that you do not have permission to do so. 

However, in many countries around the world, there are different laws for converting YouTube videos to MP3. 

And in some countries, it is also considered an offense, however, if you are not using that video for monetary purposes then it is usually not considered a breach. 

Also, converting any YouTube video to MP3 files might be legal if the copyright laws are not subjected to that particular video that you want to convert or the owner has given permission to reproduce that particular video. 

Now, we will provide you with some easy steps to convert videos from YouTube to MP3 files. 

How To Convert YouTube To MP3 With Web-Based Video Converters

You can find various websites that can help you to convert YouTube videos to MP3. So, you need to select any of those websites based on your preference and the features they usually provide. Here we have listed the 3 best YouTube to Mp3 converters that can help you.  

1. Y2mate – YouTube Video Downloader

There are several trusted websites available on the internet that can easily convert videos to mp3 format.  And Y2mate is one of the most trusted MP3 converters available. Here is how to use it: 

  • Open your preferred browser on your PC and then open Youtube. Now, search for the video that you want to convert and copy the URL.
  • Now, open the Y2mate website in a new tab, paste the link that you have copied, and then click on Start.
  • After that, a drop box will appear asking you for the resolution. Then you need to select the required bitrate and click on Download and the MP3 file will be downloaded to your system.
Go to the Y2mate website for convert youtube to mp3
  • Now, you can find the downloaded audio file in the folder in your system where it is stored after downloading. 

2. ToMP3.cc – Online Youtube To MP3 Converter

ToMP3.cc can help you to convert Youtube videos to MP3 format. Then you can save the audio file to your device. You can also download MP3 files with the highest quality, now here is how you can use this website.  

  • First, open the video on YouTube that you want to convert and then copy the YouTube video URL of the video. 
  • Then, you need to open the ToMP3.cc Youtube to MP3 converter in a new tab. 
  • Now, paste the copied URL into the search box and then click on the START button. 
  • After that, you need to select the MP3 quality for the conversion and then click on the CONVERT button.
Go to the ToMP3.cc website for convert youtube to mp3
  • Now, you need to wait until the conversion is completed and then click on the DOWNLOAD button to download the audio file in your system. 

3. AceThinker – Free YouTube To MP3 Converter

If you don’t want to install software on your computer, then you can definitely try AceThinker, which is a web-based YouTube to MP3 converter. 

It is also one of the easiest ways to convert YouTube videos to MP3 format. To start downloading YouTube videos in MP3 format with AceThinker, you need to follow these simple steps. 

  • First, you need to copy the URL of the video on YouTube that you need to convert. 
  • Now, open AceThinker Free YouTube to MP3 Converter in a new tab and paste the URL that you have just copied.
Visit the AceThinker website for convert youtube to mp3
  • Then, click on the download button and wait for the conversion process to finish. After that, it will provide you with a link to download your audio file in 128k bit-rate quality. Now, just click on Download and save it on your device. 

Best Apps To Convert YouTube Video To MP3 Format For Android Devices

If you want to convert YouTube to MP3 on your Android device, then you can use several third-party YouTube to MP3 converter apps. Here we have listed two of the most widely used apps for this purpose. 

1. Snaptube

Snaptube is a popular YouTube to mp3 converter app for android devices. If you don’t know about this app, it is a YouTube converting and downloading tool that provides you with the chance to access audio and video files across various streaming platforms without any restrictions. 

  • First, you need to download and install the app on your Android device and then open it.
Use Snaptube app for convert youtube to mp3
  • Now, from the main interface, click the YouTube icon and use the search tool to discover the video that you are looking for. 
  • If you find what you are looking for, then just click the download icon and select the bit rate that you want to download the mp3 to start downloading. 

2. iTubeGo

iTubeGo is an excellent android compatible app that you can consider when you are choosing an app that can enhance downloading and converting YouTube videos to MP3 on android devices from many media streaming sites

With this app, you can download and convert in different available formats. Here is how you can use the iTubeGo app: 

  • Download and install the app on your android device and then launch the app.
Use iTubeGo application for convert youtube to mp3
  • After that, click on the YouTube icon that you can see at the main interface and then search for the YouTube video that you want to download.  
  • Then, you need to click on the video and after that, click on the floating download button to set format, quality, download limit, and more.
  • Finally, you should tap OK to start the downloading process.

Converting Any YouTube Videos To MP3 On iPhone

There are two best apps that can help you to convert YouTube videos to MP3 format on your iPhone. Here, we have discussed each of them in the following part. 

1. MyMP3

If you need a Youtube to MP3 converter for your iPhone to share some audio on social media, then MyMP3 can be the perfect option for you. 

However, before you start to convert with this app, you need to download the video yourself from Youtube and have it in your phone gallery. 

Because this is a limitation of all Youtube to MP3 converters for iPhone as per Apple’s terms of use. However, MyMP3 does the job considerably well once you have downloaded the video onto your phone.

Use MyMP3 application on iPhone for convert youtube to mp3

Also, the conversion process tends to be a lot more stable with this app than with some other options. MyMp3 also allows you to share the MP3 file via social media, instant messaging apps, or email. 

2. Media Converter – Video To mp3

There is another option to convert YouTube videos to MP3 for iPhone which is Media Converter – Video to mp3. With this app, you can import pre-downloaded Youtube videos and convert them to one of many audio formats available.  

Its output audio formats include MP3, M4A, OGG, WAV, FLAC, and even the older Windows Media Format, WMA. And this app does not offer anything different than other apps with similar functionality.

Use Media Converter app on iPhone for convert youtube to mp3

However, its user-friendly design makes this app really easy to use without any problems. A lot of users have found this app very useful and you can find this from user ratings. It also would not take much storage on your iPhone.

Wrap Up On Convert Youtube To MP3

These are some of the easiest methods that you can use to convert YouTube to MP3. So, you can now easily convert your favorite tracks and podcasts to MP3 to play offline, as you have understood the concept behind downloading music from YouTube to your device. 

And we always have the desire to listen to songs irrespective of the internet connection. These above-mentioned steps can simply help you in those situations and would help you enjoy some great music and audio.

We hope that by following this detailed guide, you now have answers to all of your queries about how to convert YouTube to MP3. If you know many more ways to do it, please let us know in the comments below. 

FAQ: Convert Youtube To MP3

Many people generally love some music videos on YouTube so much that they wonder how to save them in audio format on their device. That is why they have lots of different questions regarding this topic and here we have answered some of them.

Q1. Can I Download Music From YouTube?

Ans: You can download and play ad-free songs and playlists from the YouTube Music app for Android and iOS devices, but only if you subscribe to YouTube Music Premium for $9.99 a month or YouTube Premium for $11.99 a month.

Q2. Is YouTube Music Free On Android?

Ans: YouTube Music is generally free to download and use. However, you can also use a YouTube Music Premium membership to get ad-free videos and download music to listen offline, in the background, or without video as you want.

Q3. Can You Convert YouTube To MP3 Legally?

Ans: In most cases, converting YouTube to MP3 is not legal. Because most content on YouTube and other video-sharing websites are copyrighted. It means that you are allowed to watch or listen to it, however, you are not allowed to take any part of it and make a copy for yourself, unless you own its copyright.

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