Should You Consider MacBook Over Windows: Real Battle!

Windows and Apple usually provide a premium range of laptops, and each of them generally comes with some advantages over the others. That is why the MacBooks versus Windows laptops debate has been trending for decades now, however it has never been this intense. 

According to the report of Wikipedia, for desktop and laptop computers, Windows is the most used operating system with a share of just over 76 percent, followed by Apple’s macOS at 16 percent. While most people generally go with customer reviews and the total cost, there are a few people who also look for the right operating system.  

So, a question can come to your mind, is MacBook better than Windows? Because the laptop you choose now will greatly impact which accessories you buy, which apps you use, and even in some cases, what kind of phone you carry. 

In this article, we have discussed whether should you consider MacBook over Windows or not to help you carefully decide where you should spend your hard-earned money. Also, here we have covered why MacBooks are generally so expensive. 

So, let’s get started. 

Why MacBooks Are So Expensive

We all know that Apple’s products generally cost much more than those of its competitors. Also, a lot of people think that Apple is taking advantage of its brand name, however, there are various reasons for its high pricing.  

Several factors such as Apple’s exclusive ecosystem, privacy policy, and marketing costs also contribute to their product’s high price. 

And MacBooks are some of the best laptops you can get, they are robust and reliable and also have a sleek and smooth design that makes them look excellent. 

However, they are even more expensive than high-end laptops. The prices of MacBooks may not always be justifiable for everyone, but the products still sell a lot. 

Also, this doesn’t mean you have to spend that much to purchase them, it depends on your requirement. 

Is MacBook Better Than Windows: Which Is Best For You?

When you are choosing between a Windows and MacBook laptop, you need to make sure that you consider several critical factors such as voice integrations, compatibility with different software, and navigation. Here you will know if is MacBook better than Windows or not.

1. Operating System

MacOS is actually a gorgeous and mature UNIX-based operating system and it has not changed that much in the last 20 years, apart from some modifications and visual overhauls. Because of that, the entire operating system is almost uniform across programs. 

It means that the menu items, buttons, and overall look of every application are almost consistent. That is why you would always find the File menu in the same place, it doesn’t matter which program you use. 

Windows is completely different from MacOS – it has undergone several major overhauls in the last few years, with Windows 10 and Windows 11 being the most significant. 

However, Windows 11 is a little bit MacOS-like, with the centered taskbar, rounded corners, and a slick look. So, both operating systems are equally good from a visual perspective, but MacOS is definitely a better choice when it comes to ease of use and its uniform UNIX environment.

2. Performance

A lot of people are now switching to Apple only because of the performance of the new MacBook Pro models. And this laptop actually feels like it has the capability of replacing the desktop. 

It is definitely not as powerful as Windows PC, but it would provide you with almost the same performance in a package that is smaller and more convenient. 

Windows laptops are definitely getting better in recent years, however, sometimes you have to pick between battery life and performance. 

Some netbook laptops might have a great battery life but could not edit a video. And some models of Alienware laptops can edit a video, but it would only last for an hour or two before the battery dies. 

However, the new MacBook Pro model has one of the best battery life you will ever see on a laptop, and it also provides the best performance. 

3. Hardware

MacBooks are usually the superior laptop when you consider build quality, at least when you are considering the whole range of MacBooks and how uniform that quality is. The M1 MacBook Pro models are one of the best-built laptops you would ever use.

Because most Windows laptops usually have one really impressive component, however, the keyboard, trackpad, speakers, and screen of these MacBook models are definitely one of the best. 

And with Windows laptops, you would get a lot more choice in design and color than you do with MacBooks. Also, some of them even have decent trackpads, however, it is still not on the same level as a MacBook.

However, when it comes to external hardware for your business laptops, Windows laptops definitely have the upper hand as you can easily integrate graphics cards, CPUs, and other storage systems with them.  

4. Ecosystem

Both Windows laptops and MacBooks generally come with an excellent ecosystem of first-party apps, such as email, calendars, and reminders. 

However, if you depend on Apple’s first-party apps, eventually you will be limited to using only Apple devices. And on the other side, Windows laptops are generally much more open, and this is where the whole Windows platform outperforms the others.

Also, you would get Microsoft’s excellent first-party apps built right in. And Microsoft’s productivity software is a lot better than Apple’s. 

And the best thing is every Microsoft app is available on every platform. Also, there is another area where a Windows laptop is definitely superior to anything Apple can offer, and that is gaming. 

Overall, the Windows ecosystem is easily superior to Apple’s ecosystem, however, that may sound different from what one would expect because Apple is actually famous for its ecosystem. 

But, Apple is too locked down and too dependent on Apple-only devices, and on the other hand, you can use more devices and more apps with a Windows laptop than with a MacBook.

The best Ecosystem is macbook better than windows

5. Voice Integration

If you consider voice commands between MacBook and Windows, then MacBook has Siri and Windows has Cortana. Both Cortana and Siri are excellent and effective at giving results about daily weather, YouTube videos, stock prices, map directions, and many more things. 

However, Cortana is more effective than Siri in the case of the logging-off feature. Because you can use Cortana to easily log out of your system, however, you can’t do the same thing by using Siri. 

Also, Cortana can effortlessly integrate with Amazon’s Alexa and send voice commands to it. And to add Alexa to Cortana, you would just need a laptop or desktop Windows 10 computer with Cortana enabled.

Voice Integration is macbook better than windows

6. Desktop Navigation

You would find that it is much easier to go for desktop navigation using Windows. Because you can easily open multiple tabs on your Windows laptop and navigate between them. 

Also, it can be a webpage or a folder, you can arrange it side-by-side on a single screen for compelling and fascinating viewing. Also, both MacBook and Windows would help you to create multiple virtual desktops.

And both Windows and MacBook Air for business have comparatively efficient file-searching features. You can effortlessly track your last saved file with Windows, and MacBook will allow you to use multiple tabs when you are searching for your favorite file.

Also, both Windows and MacBook have excellent search functionality, where you can either use the search bar or utilize the voice search functionality according to your requirement. 

However, the search bar in Windows is more versatile and can display different results such as apps, weather, stock prices, and many more.

7. Safety And Security

If you are taking safety and security features into your consideration, then MacBook definitely has the superiority. Simply because it is less prone to cybersecurity attacks such as malware and ransomware. 

However, both Windows and MacBook have powerful VPN support. As MacBook has its native hardware ecosystem, they are more stable in this critical factor. And Windows’ instability here is because of its over-dependence on third-party drivers.

And both Windows and MacBook are compatible with various third-party apps. Also, the inbuilt app store lets you download apps of your requirement. However, these platforms would not provide you with the same ease of use as your mobile devices.

Safety And Security is macbook better than windows

Wrap Up On Is MacBook Better Than Windows

You should ensure that you review your requirements properly to get a cost-effective laptop according to your needs. 

MacBooks are definitely superior when it comes to build quality and the UNIX-based MacOS operating system, so you would get a polished and good-looking computing experience.

And Windows laptops are a better choice for almost everything else, that include the ecosystem. Also, you would have so much more freedom to use your Windows laptop and you can use it how you want. 

However, you should remember that selecting the right laptop can greatly impact your efficiency or productivity. 

We hope that our detailed and informative article has helped you to find the answer to your question “ is MacBook better than windows?”. If you still have any doubts or questions in your mind, then you can leave a message in the comments below. 

FAQ: Is MacBook Better Than Windows

As a lot of Windows users now are thinking about whether MacBooks are a better option or not, they have many different questions on this topic. Here we have tried to answer some of them in a brief way.

Q1. Why Do Macs Get Slower Over Time?

Ans: If you find that your Mac has started to run slowly, then there are a number of potential reasons that you should check. And one of them is your computer’s startup disk might not have enough free disk space. So, to make disk space available, you can move the files to another disk or an external storage device or delete files that you no longer need on the startup disk.

Q2. Are MacBooks Or Windows Better For Students?

Ans: If you want more productivity and simplicity with your new laptop, then we would recommend you to purchase a MacBook. And on the other side, if you are a student who requires a certain level of functionality with your laptop, then we would recommend you a device with Windows.

Q3. How Long Does A MacBook Last?

Ans: On average, a MacBook Pro is expected to last for 7.2 years, and a MacBook Air would last for 5-7 years. But, the lifespan of your MacBook usually depends on what tasks you are using your MacBook for, how frequently you are using it, and how well you take care of it.

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