8-Step Process To Download YouTube Revanced (Watch Ads Free Videos!)

YouTube is a well-known platform that provides an unmatched selection of videos that cater to every potential interest. However, the advertisements, restricted background playing, and many more are overwhelming problems for normal users

As per the reports of Statista, approximately only 28 million in the United States subscribe to YouTube Premium amount 240 million users. The other users either can’t afford it or don’t think it is worth it. However, by YouTube Revanced download you can utilize these premium features for free.

In this article, we will showcase to you the complete step-by-step procedure on how you can download YouTube Revanced. Also, we will share with you some other ways to utilize the premium features of YouTube for free of cost.

So, let’s get started.

Download Youtube Revanced Here!

Official Youtube vs Youtube Revanced

With billions of subscribers around the world, YouTube is the business chief with regard to online video viewing. Nonetheless, there is a lot of interest in the discussion around the use of YouTube Revanced against the official app.

With the support of Google’s vast infrastructure, Official YouTube provides a slick and dependable experience. It’s the go-to option for many consumers because to its smooth cross-platform connectivity and large content catalog. 

Its attractiveness is further enhanced by features like strong content filtering and tailored suggestions. Conversely, YouTube Revanced stands out as a strong substitute, including special features absent from the original app.

One noteworthy feature—which isn’t present in the official version—is the option to save videos for offline watching. This feature serves customers who want to save data or who live in places with poor internet connectivity. 

In addition, YouTube Revanced frequently adds new personalization features to improve the user experience, such as background playback and ad blocking.

Although the original YouTube app is dependable and integrates well, those who want more features and control over their viewing experience will find YouTube Revanced appealing. 

The decision between the two ultimately comes down to personal tastes and the importance of ease and usefulness.

Step-By-Step Process On YouTube Revanced Download

YouTube video downloads for offline watching are becoming increasingly common among users’ requests. YouTube Revanced makes this job quite simple. Here’s how to get YouTube Revanced on your Android smartphone step-by-step:

Step 1: Turn on Unknown Sources.
You must allow installation from unknown sources on your Android device before downloading YouTube Revanced. To enable installation from sources other than the Play Store, go to Settings > Security and toggle the “Unknown Sources” option.

Turn on Unknown Sources for youtube revanced download

Step 2: Visit the official website of YouTube Revanced

For this just type the “www.revanced.net” URL on any of your browsers without the inverted commas or simply search for “Youtube Revanced” and click on the relatable link which appears among the other results.

Step 3: Click on the “Download” button > “Youtube Revnaced”

You will now be sent to an additional page on the same website. Your smartphone will download the APK file if you repeat the same method.

Click on the Download button for youtube revanced download

Step 4: Locate the downloaded file

Find the APK wherever you stored it or in the Downloads folder on your device. To start the installation process, tap on the APK file.

Step 5: Grant Permissions

You could be asked to give YouTube Revanced several permissions throughout the installation process. Ensure you give the application every one of the consents it requirements to work accurately.

Further, To finish the YouTube Revanced installation process on your device, adhere to the on-screen directions. You will see the YouTube Revanced icon on your home screen or app drawer when the installation is complete.

Step 6: Downloading MicroG Settings

In order for YouTube Revanced must work, you will also have to download the MicroG settings app on your device. For launch the Youtube Revanced icon and launch the app. 

Here, you will be directed to a related page in Github. Just click on the “Download” link under “Default” and the APK file will be downloaded on your device. Follow the same process to complete the installation of this app and you are now good to go.

Downloading MicroG Settings for youtube revanced download

Step 7: Open YouTube Revanced

To open the app, tap the YouTube Revanced icon. The UI that you are accustomed to from YouTube will appear, but it also has extra capabilities that aren’t in the official app.

Take some time to explore the features offered by YouTube Revanced, such as ad-blocking, background playback, and the ability to download videos for offline viewing.

Step 8: Sign In (Optional)

To access your playlists, subscriptions, and customized recommendations, you may choose to sign in to your YouTube account within YouTube Revanced. This step is optional, though.

At present, you should simply find the video you like to download, click the download choice underneath the video player, and pick the video quality you need. This will allow you to watch videos offline.

You may view the downloaded videos from anywhere at any time, even without an internet connection, after the download is finished.

You may use YouTube Revanced on your Android device to save YouTube videos for offline watching with ease by following these easy instructions.

Can YouTube Revanced Also Be Downloaded On iOS Devices?

Currently, YouTube Revanced is not officially accessible for iOS devices through the Apple App Store, and it is primarily made for Android smartphones. Nonetheless, iOS users have other options for getting access to YouTube Revanced’s comparable functionality.

For iOS users, there’s always the option to use third-party applications from the App Store that provide comparable features, such as the ability to save YouTube videos for offline watching. 

These applications may have limitations in comparison to YouTube Revanced on Android, but they normally function within the bounds of Apple’s App Store rules.

Using mobile web browsers to access YouTube Revanced-like features is another alternative available to iOS users. Users may download videos from websites, like YouTube, with the use of extensions or built-in tools available in several web browsers. 

Although this approach might not be as practical as using specialized software like YouTube Revanced, it nevertheless offers an effective workaround for iOS users who want to save YouTube videos to watch them offline.

In brief, iOS users may still get comparable services through third-party applications and alternate means even though YouTube Revanced may not be directly downloadable on their devices. 

iOS users may enjoy downloading YouTube videos for offline watching with these options, however the functionality and convenience of each one varies.

How Can I Use YouTube Revanced On Desktops

Because YouTube Revanced is primarily intended for mobile devices, using it on desktops poses a particular issue. On desktop PCs, users can utilize alternate techniques to gain access to YouTube Advanced features.

Using Android emulators like NoxPlayer or Bluestacks is one method. Users are able to download and install Android programs, such as YouTube Revanced, using these emulators, which replicate the Android experience on a desktop computer. 

Users may enjoy the capabilities of YouTube Revanced directly on their PCs by installing the emulator and then downloading the YouTube Revanced APK file from the official website.

Using third-party software or browser extensions that mimic YouTube Revanced’s features is an additional choice. Features like ad blocking, background playback, and direct video downloads from the YouTube website are usually included in these programs. 

These alternatives offer comparable features and improve the YouTube desktop experience, even if they are not exactly the same as using the official YouTube Revanced app.

In conclusion, even though YouTube Revanced is mostly meant for mobile devices, desktop users can still utilize other browser extensions and applications, or Android emulators, to access its functionalities. 

With these techniques, desktop users may make use of YouTube Revanced’s improved features and ease on their desktops.

Pros and Cons of YouTube Revanced


  • Offline watching: It allows watchers to partake in their favorite material without the internet. Videos might be downloaded for disconnected review. 
  • Ad Blocking: YouTube Revanced can hinder advertisements, allowing watchers to watch recordings without being diverted by commercials.
  • Background Playback: To improve multitasking, users can play YouTube videos in the background while utilizing other apps or with the screen locked.
  • Enhanced Customization: In comparison to the original YouTube app, YouTube Revanced offers more customization choices, such as themes and playback settings.
  • Extra Features: YouTube Revanced gives users access to features like audio-only mode and video resolution options that aren’t accessible in the original app.


  • Security Risks: Because YouTube Revanced is a third-party program, downloading and using it might raise security issues, such as the possibility of malware or data breaches.
  • Google does not promote or encourage YouTube Revanced, which raises concerns about its long-term viability and legality.
  • Absence of Updates: Because YouTube Revanced is a third-party program, it could not get frequent bug patches and updates, which could eventually cause compatibility problems or performance problems.
  • Restricted Platform Availability: As of right now, YouTube Revanced is only available for Android users; users of iOS or desktop PCs are not included.
  • Conditions of Service Violations: Using third-party programs like YouTube Revanced to download videos from YouTube may be against the platform’s terms of service and copyright regulations. This might result in account suspension or other legal action.

In conclusion, users should be aware of YouTube Revanced’s disadvantages, including security issues and possible legal ramifications, even if it provides alluring features like ad-blocking and offline watching. 

Other Ways To Use YouTube Premium Features For Free

For those looking for ad-free viewing, background playback, and offline downloading without having to pay a membership price, accessing YouTube Premium features for free might be alluring. There are several useful methods to take advantage of comparable features without having to pay.

  • YouTube Vanced: This well-liked substitute provides a plethora of premium services at no cost for Android gadgets. It has features like background playback, ad blocking, and offline video viewing via download. 
  • Free Trials: Every once in a while, YouTube gives new clients free trials of YouTube Premium. Clients who join during these exceptional times can exploit restricted time and free premium administrations.
  • Carrier Promotions: A YouTube Premium membership may be included in the service packages of some mobile carriers. Find out with your carrier whether they are offering any specials or limits that incorporate free admittance to YouTube Premium. 
  • Google Play prizes: Clients who complete overviews might acquire prizes by means of the Google Opinion Rewards application. Utilizing this product, clients might acquire Google Play attributes that can be utilized to purchase YouTube Premium enrollments. 
  • Family Sharing is upheld by YouTube Premium memberships, empowering a few clients to use premium elements under a solitary record. You can use free premium features if you have relatives or friends who are YouTube Premium subscribers.

Through the use of these useful techniques, users may make use of YouTube Premium features without having to pay the monthly membership charge; this offers a cost-effective substitute for continuous, ad-free watching and improved functionality.

​​Wrap-Up On YouTube Revanced Download

For those looking for improved functionality and ease in their YouTube experience, YouTube Revanced is a strong option. However, consumers should be cautious and aware of any security dangers while downloading third-party programs. 

Ultimately, you must consider YouTube Revanced is not an official app hence the features may not be the same. So, we highly suggest you take the Youtube Premium if you can afford it.

Hopefully, you liked our complete guide on Youtube Revanced download and also found it working. Anyhow, if you still are left up with some questions you can ask them freely in the comments below.

FAQ: Youtube Revanced Download

Here, we answer frequently asked questions about how to download and utilize YouTube Revanced, giving viewers looking for more functionality on the platform clarity and direction.

Q1. What is the difference between YouTube Revanced and Vanced?

Ans: Both YouTube Vanced and Revanced provide improved viewing experiences, but Revanced is a modified version of Vanced that adds more capabilities, including more customization choices and bug fixes, making it a more feature-rich and sophisticated option.

Q2. Can I log in with my YouTube account on YouTube Revanced?

Ans: Yes, you may access YouTube Revanced by logging in using your YouTube account. Upon logging in, you can access your playlists, subscriptions, and customized recommendations, which improves your whole experience.

Q3. Where can I find help or support if I encounter issues with YouTube Vanced?

Ans: You may go to internet forums and groups devoted to YouTube Vanced for help and support. Furthermore, YouTube Vanced’s official website can offer some resources.

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