5 Tips On How You Keep The AirPods From Falling Out Of Your Ears: Secure Your “Apple”!

AirPods generally provide a comfortable way to listen to your favorite music from your phone and also converse wirelessly and hands-free. However, anyone who has a pair of AirPods may experience one or both of the AirPods falling out of their ears.

According to the report of HackerNoon, Apple made $12.1 billion dollars in revenue on Airpods alone in 2021. However, AirPod falling out of your ears frequently can interrupt listening and speaking, also it can sometimes damage them or cause you to lose them. 

But, before giving up on your AirPods, there are a few easy and simple solutions that might help you get them to fit properly. So, you might not need to go out and pay for another pair of expensive earbuds.

In this article, we have shared 5 simple and effective steps on how do you keep the AirPods from falling out of your ears. Also, here we have discussed the reasons why your AirPods keep falling out of your ears.  

So, let’s get started. 

Reasons Why Your AirPods Keep Falling Out Of Your Ears

Before you know how to keep AirPods from falling out, it is really important to first understand why your AirPods keep falling out of the ears. There are many possible reasons for AirPod falling out. 

  • Not Wearing Them Properly: The Airpods usually don’t fit like the normal earphones and that is why hooking the Airpods in your ears with the stem facing downwards is not correct. It might seem normal to you, but the Airpods have actually been designed to be locked in your ear, which requires you to properly insert them.
  • AirPods Are Not Clean: Your Airpods can get very dirty after hours of use and sweat, which can cause a build-up of dirt in the Airpods. And it can cause them to slip easily while you are wearing them. Because, earwax, dust, sweat, and such things can cause them to fit too tight or loosely in your ear.
  • The Airpods Are Not Of The Correct Size: This can be the most frustrating or annoying reason. When you have done everything you can to get them to fit properly, and also you are wearing them correctly, but still, you could not get the desired result, it means that they simply don’t fit your ears.
  • Sweating Excessively: This reason might not be an issue for all but could be a problem for some people. Your Airpods might fit perfectly in your ears under normal conditions, but when you go out running and start sweating excessively, the Airpods can start slipping. 

How Do You Keep The Airpods From Falling Out Of Your Ears: 5 Simple Tips

There are several methods you can use to keep your AirPods from falling out of your ears. Here we have shared 5 easy and simple tips to solve your AirPod falling out problem and to keep your AirPods in your ears where they belong. 

1. Wear Your AirPods Correctly

The first solution you should use is to wear the Airpods properly. You can do this by inserting the Airpods stem down into your ears first and then twisting the Airpods until they are parallel with your jawline. It would give you a better and more stable fit. 

However, if this still does not work, then you can apply waterproof tape which can add some extra friction to the inside of your ears.

Also, this waterproof tape will help you keep the Airpods in when things get sweaty and you should always use good quality waterproof tape. 

Now, just applying two small strips above and underneath the center side should do the job for you. Once you learn how to wear your AirPods correctly by following these instructions, look in a mirror to see how they fit or you can also take a picture. 

Because this will help you to remember how they look when they are inserted correctly and make it easier for you to repeat it in the future.

2. Cleaning The AirPods Properly

It is very essential to keep your AirPods clean to keep them from falling out and it is also crucial for the health of your ears. 

Because, oils, dirt, and earwax can gradually build up in the grill of the AirPods, which can prevent them from seating fully and expose your ears to wax buildup and germs. That is why you need to clean your AirPods regularly. 

For this, you will need some toothpicks and mounting putty, which you can easily get at any hardware store. Now, you need to warm up the putty very lightly and press it against the speaker of your AirPod and then pull it off. 

Most of the residue and dirt caught in the speaker’s mesh would come off with it. Now, using the toothpicks, you can slowly remove any pieces that did not pull off with them. 

After doing this, you need to gently rub the AirPod with a soft-bristled toothbrush dipped in 70% isopropyl alcohol to remove any remaining dirt on it. When you have finished your cleaning by using this process, your AirPods should look and fit like new. 

3. Replacing The Silicone Ear Tips 

This tip particularly applies to how to keep AirPod Pro from falling out of your ears, because regular AirPods don’t have ear tips. 

The silicone ear tips that Apple produced for the AirPod Pro definitely provided some upgrade from the plastic tips of the regular AirPod, but maybe that is not enough. 

Silicone is definitely better than plastic, however, it is not perfect and maybe memory foam is what you need. Because memory foam generally molds itself to the ear’s shape and it creates a more seamless seal with the ear. 

And to replace your AirPods Pro’s ear tips with memory foam, you just need to remove the silicone ear tips and then select the same size of memory foam ear tips. Now, just squeeze the memory foam tips and press them in until they lock into place. 

Once you have replaced your silicone ear tips with the memory foam ones, you should remember that inserting your AirPods Pro into your ears is now slightly different. 

As you now have to squeeze them first to compress the memory foam before you insert them. Then, generally, in about four seconds, they will expand in your ear canal to seal it up properly. 

4. Wearing The AirPods Upside Down

It has been found that for some people, wearing their AirPods upside down has done the job to keep the AirPods in. Before the days of wireless earbuds, runners generally used to do this to keep their wired earbuds from falling out of their ears. 

And because the shape of earbuds has remained comparatively constant in the process of evolution from wired to wireless earbuds, this trick remains valid and should still work well.  

Also, some people have found it more comfortable wearing AirPods in this way, compared to the traditional method where the stem of the AirPods points downward.

And sometimes for a better fit and comfort, you can wear the left AirPod in the right ear and vice versa. However, definitely, there is no fixed rule on how to wear them and it should mainly depend on the shape of your ears. 

But, you may want to place them in the normal or conventional way during calls, otherwise, people on the other end may not hear you properly.

5. Using Third-Party Accessories

There are many third-party companies that have designed cases and covers that can help you keep your AirPods and AirPods Pro in your ears properly. These are generally made of silicone and designed to solve some of the most common issues with AirPods falling out.

Silicone AirPod covers generally give the earbuds an extra grip. They can slip easily over the heads of AirPods and provide a cushion around them that hugs your inner ear more tightly. 

And some AirPod covers also have soft silicone hooks that can fit snugly against the inner fold of each ear. It would further help to keep the AirPods in your ears comfortably. 

Also, there are AirPod Grips with larger plastic hooks which are made to wrap around the outside of your ear and these are some of the great products. However. We would suggest you to try them if all the previous solutions did not work for you.

Wrap Up On AirPod Falling Out

If you are one of those people whose Airpods don’t fit properly, there is no need to worry about it. Because if you can keep them clean and wear them correctly, there are chances that they will fit properly. 

And if it does not happen, there are also various great third-party accessories that can fix this issue. Also, if you have issues of AirPod falling out when you are listening to your favorite music or taking calls while multitasking, it can be really annoying. 

However, if you cannot solve this issue, you can also return them depending on the return and refund policy of the manufacturer. 

We really hope that our detailed guide has helped you to find the best way to keep your AirPods from falling out of your ears.

And if you have any doubts or questions about any of the methods described above, please leave a message in the comments below. 

FAQ: AirPod Falling Out

As a lot of people are regularly dealing with the issues of AirPod falling out of their ears, they have lots of questions in their minds. Here I have answered some of the most frequently asked questions about this topic.

Q1. Which Apple AirPods Stay In The Ear Better?

Ans: The standard AirPods fit some people’s ears properly and they have no trouble running with them. However, a lot of people can’t get a perfect fit. So, if you could not get a secure fit, we would highly recommend you spend the extra money on the AirPods Pro, as its design simply fits more ears than the original AirPods.

Q2. Can AirPods Cause Inner Ear Problems?

Ans: Many experts say using AirPods and earbuds can cause several health issues such as excessive earwax and ear pain. They also say it is really important to let your ear canals ventilate after using those devices. And you should regularly clean and disinfect these earpieces.

Q3. Can Earwax Damage AirPods?

Ans: The buildup of earwax, sweat, dirt or other grimy substances can harm the performance and life span of your AirPods. However, it can also cause irritation or an infection in your ear canal. And cleaning your AirPods in the wrong way could also damage them.

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